iRex Iliad vs Sony Reader

Let the battle of the E-Ink reader toys begin. iRex Technologies and Sony are both offering reader devices designed around the e-ink display technology. What is E-Ink? It’s a display tech designed to be more link paper on the eyes as opposed to LCD and other digital displays. Battery life becomes almost meaningless because the display needs power only so long to put the image up, not to keep it there. Both products benifit from this little tidbit of design in that they can have rather massive battery life times between charges.

So the place where this battle will be fought is on the field of cost, design, and formats supported. Fact is both have a pretty decent price tage, but the iRex Iliad is about five hundred US dollars more then the Sony which comes in at $350USD. Also, while the iliad does get the boost of not being from Sony, it loses out because right now it supports half the formats Sony is offering.

The Sony reader doesn’t allow for anotation of documents on it’s reader, which is a staple of the Iliad. However the Sony is using memory sticks and standard SD cards while the Iliad is sticking with type-II Compact Flash cards. I thought those had completely gone out of style. Pre-release images of the Sony reader style wise do show how far that company goes when going for asthetics. The Iliad does have some better control features the Sony lacks, but not much at this time.

Ghola is looking to possibly buy one of the Sony Readers, so I’m hoping he can answer the question Linux folk like me who might concider the Sony offering are wanting to know. Do we have to use the connect software with this thing or can we just load up an SD card full of data files and pop it in? Only Ghola will know if he is able to get his hands on one. Until then we wait to find out.

I’ll let you know how that goes. If Ghola is able to then I may shell out for one of these myself. Sony had me with Mini-Discs but that tech was just so under utilized it died slowly. And lets not forget the PSP and UMD format. Sony has had a few hits and misses, and I’m hoping the Sony Reader is a hit.


Found this four part review of the Sony Reader and thought I would share.

More Tech Support Pains: Dealing with Other companies.

I had a lady I was working with, we had to confrence in with Microsoft tech support. During the call she asked why we support MS when they do this to their customers. I unfortunatly had to tell her the truth. No one knows how to use anything other then Windows and MS products, therefore our hands were tied in the matter.

She got pissed off at the guy we were talking with at MS, who then transfered us. I get a dial tone and can talk to my customer anymore. Then I couldn’t get a hold of her either.

Just one more thing that enhances my loathing of Microsoft.

Vista Express Upgrades available.

I was configureing a laptop for fun on today, just for fun like I want to do on occasion. And after the OS selection window I saw express upgrade to Vista pop up. Looks like Dell is now giving folk free upgrades plus shipping and handling for WIndows Vista home and Pro versions. I suppose with Vista so close at hand they need to be doing this to keep folk from waiting on purchasing a system. This makes perfect business sense from a standpoint of computers because you have this highend OS upgrade coming out, and you don’t want your customers waiting to get it.

On the other hand I hate windows with a passion and would only get Vista if I had a labotomy. But a free upgrade if I get a configured system is tempting. More then likely, when I get my M1210 I’m going to be stripping it and putting Gentoo on there.

It’s all about the freedom to choose man.

Change a Disk, Get a New License – Windows Vista

Anyone who knows me knows I cavitch about Microsoft on and on. There really is no reason for us to put up with a lot of the crap MS gets away with. This is one of them. In Vista you can only switch the license once. Have a motherboard that fried on you and you already had to change it out? If you were using vista get ready to shell out another few hundred bucks for a license. This is nuts, especially when you can get an OS like Linux that works more efficiantly, more stabily, and have all the best parts you want, to include games in Cedega.

Please, I ask all of you to take this as Windows saying, “we don’t care about you consumers. You have no choice but to comply,” and tell Queen Gates to kiss out frosty cold ass.

Tech Support Translation Dictionary

Part of the stuff that gets me about me new job is the people who expect everything to be 100%. If it’s not perfect they blaim you, forget about it being partly the fault of the software. Then they throw out a bunch of tersm that really have no meaening to me. Here’s part of it.

I’m a lawyer = I’m too stupid to figure out anything that doesn’t require me to run my mouth.

I’m in IT = They gave me the admin password for the workgroup.

I’m a Doctor = I’m okay cutting open flesh but require a little nood-nick thing like cracking open a case and I’m lost.


I really dislike these kind of calls. And I dislike these kind of customers.

RTFM and Stories

I’m working on the RTFM offerings as much as I can. I’ll work up and finish off the C400 RTFM with everything I did. I’m always open to more suggestions on filling that up. The E1505 RTFM needs to be modified slightly and updated with everything I’ve done to get that one working. That included using 855Resolution to get things working with the widescreen. I’ve been stuck without an available high speed line for a while so I haven’t checked to see if the new 7.1 drivers fix that minor flaw.

Once I get an M1210 I’ll be able to work on that some and get you more info. Anyone with insight on Mobile Broadband and ilnux is more then welcome to chime in. I’ll take any info you can give me.

I’m progressing on my stories some, getting some of them worked on. Once I can finish off the Fanfiction I can really give Original Work a more dedicated effort. I’ll definatly be working on those some. Also, I’m concidering taking a page from the folk behind UbuntuCE and try to offer up a Ubuntu Writing and Publishing offering. This would be a simple ISO customized as CE is. Only instead of Christian interest programs I will probably fill it out with programs meant for publishing and writing stories. Dictionaries, thesarus, digital publishing tools. Things like that. If anyone is interested in helping with that just say the word.

A KUbuntu derivative would also be welcome.

Libya may be first Country whose Children Benifit from OLPC

The government of Libya has entered into an agreement with the folks at OLPC to provide their $100USD laptop to all of it’s school children. This is a major step not just for OLPC to have one government already ready to do this, but a major step for Libya. Ever since Libya renounced terorism and came into sync with the rest of the civilized world more good has occured for them. This is only another example of them taking positive steps for their future. If Gadhafi is serious about this sort of thing for his nations kids, then it’s possible we could see a lot of folk and a lot more good occuring for Libya in general.

Things Countries have given the World.

An Empire steeped in almost two thousand years of history.
The Queen Mum
Earl Grey Tea
Really cool british Accents
The Beatles
David Bowie
Doctor Who

The US:
The Ford Model T
Mount Rushmore
The first computer network
the first TV signal
Marylin Monroe
Rob Zombie

The Great Wall
Centuries of Tradition and history worth telling
The biggest producer of cheap goods
Good uses for stray cats

Cute japanese girls in barely anything at all
Really cool Gadgets


Well, they Took Jerry Lewis off the US hands in payment for helping them in WWII.

Imperium Being Expanded

Well, I’ve been trying to work on Imperium for a while on my own now. So far I haven’t gotten much assistence from the folk who said they would help, so from now on I will be treating it as my own story. Comments of course welcome but still, would have been nice if the folk who made a commitment. But that’s fine, gives me more freedom to do what I want with the story line. I’m working on that now and hoping to get further. I have many idea which will make their way into Imperium. Check here for more news.

I am also trying to write up and finish my fanfictions. Once I have finished those for good, I will more then likely retire from Fanfiction. I may do one or two more new stories that I already have begun on my system here, but aside from those I am basically going to dedicate myself to Imperium and other original works. Many or which will be on DS, Imperium however will not be, it’s getting it’s own site.

In the spirit of Open Source which I adore I will be putting my work out on the Creative Commons licence with some rights reserved.

Microsoft Proven to be Complicit in SCO/Baystar Deal

Well, it seems that the folk who thought MS was behind Baystar’s investment in (and by association support of) the SCO Litigation were proven right. Information on this is available at Groklaw and Slashdot. I guess MS was trying to take out it’s one real nightmare from a PC standpoint. The worst thing is that apparently MS reneged on their agreement to Back Baystar’s investment in SCO and stopped returning their calls. So MS is not only complicit in what seems to be a pump and dump scheme on the part of SCO’s executive Board but also in not fufilling their part of the deal with Baystar.

This information could be used by more folk to go after MS in future Anti-Trust battles. This is not a good thing for Redmond.