The “Crook” Saga

First off I came into this story rather late in the game. A lot more detail is provided by about the affair. Seems this guy Micheal Crook has been filing false DMCA C&D’s against people who posted his image from a recent “Hannity & Combs” interview. This was news a bit ago on the Gentoo forum. EFF has filed a lawsuit against him for false claims on behave of the owner of related to the issue. The link to 10 Zen Monkey’s is to a specific post. They are looking for anyone who has been harrased by this guy recently. As DS and by extension Dhampir Dreams are hosted on servers in Canada I’m pretty certain Ghola is outside of DMCA jurisdiction.

Fact is, even if this guy owns the rights to his image he does NOT own the rights to the H&C interview footage. Those are property of News Corp whether he likes it or not. Also they were broadcast to the public. If anyone would have a case it’s News Corp, Fox News parent company. And they have never had issues with people posting images from their news programs before.

I didn’t see the interview in question but I have heard tell that this guy got reamed by both Sean and Alan. It was one of the few times the Gentoo forums had anything GOOD to say about FNC. This guy definatly deserves the reaming the net is giving him. HE runs three websites of particular distain to me including, ,, and I don’t provide links there because I don’t want to and unlike a reputable news organization I don’t have to be objective. I barely even spell check as many can and will tell.

… Fucking grammar nazis.

If anything the positions this guy espouses are dispicable to the extreme. He looks like he’s a goddamned psychotic. His name is rather appropriate, Crook and all.

Crook the crook

I’m so glad I’m hosted outside the US and DMCA jurisdiction.

KDE Test Part 2

Well I’ve been using KDE almost a week now exclusivly. So far it’s not that bad though I’m certain some will disagree with me. Certain K apps are usable only. Others are definatly superior to their Gnome bretheren. Kopete is definatly a step above GAIM in certain features. However kopete does not seem to have file transfers built into the system. Their for I will have to say that KDE has it’s plus and minuses as Gnome did. I like the fact all the settings for the system are in one place with Control Center. However Gnome’s preferences menu is just as effective. Nothing I know of really beats the utility of Konqueror at this time. It’s clean, fast, and just as functional as Firefox with comperable settings and site usage.

If you are still using some GTK+ apps with KDE the best option looks wise is to go without the mac menu bar setup along the top and to install the gtk-engines-qt so that you get the exact same look through all your apps. Of course a lot of your program choices will be dictated by your individual tastes. As with all things one size does not fit all.

Fact is I probably will eventually either reinstall this system and try some more modifications to get it working in different ways. I may go back to Gnome, I’m not entirely sure yet. However I can say that as a Desktop Enviroment KDE has much going for it. I would definetly recommend it to anyone wanting to use a fast effective interface with lots of configurability and integration between applications.

Testing KBlogger

I’m testing out KBlogger right now. So Far I am not certain if it’s as feature rich as I would like. It does seem to have an issue connecting to metaweblogs if you can’t find the id number for them. Also right now I haven’t seen anything saying it supports Live journal or things of that sort.
I’m going to put it through it’s paces and let you know how it turns out.

LD Tries KDE

Ususally when I do a full Linux install I install Gnome as my Desktop Enviroment. I’ve used others like WindowMaker and Enlightenment when I want a very light-wieght enviroment. E17 however is still in flux, and WindowMaker seems to have died. Also with the advent of Beryl and Compiz I decided I wanted to use those for my eye candy instead. I got Beryl working with Gnome in Gentoo with relitivliy little effort. However, being the experimenter that I am, I decided to walk off my beatten path and try KDE 3.5. The install for Gentoo can be a bit hectic, especially if you go with the split ebuilds for KDE. This takes a LONG time to compile hundreds upon hundreds of packages. The good about this though for us source folks is that when one thing needs to be updated you don’t have to recompile the entire KDE build, just the program in question.

Getting KDE personalized once I got it installed was what I expected from KDE in previous uses. I ran KPersonalizer and got a nice setup Mac style. I usually go windows or Unix, but figured I would give the Mac style of using KDE a try. I have to say this can be confusing if you have a few windows, because the upper panel in KDE is now the menu bar for EVERY KDE program available.

KControl however makes up for that, and it’s not like you can’t rerun KPersonalizer again and switch it back to something else. If a program is designed for KDE, then more then likely all the personalizations you want to make can be done in KControl. From windows decorations to themes, fonts, sounds, and some network settings, Kcontrol does have all the settings in one place. Coming from Gnome this can be a bit of a shock, but so far I haven’t seen any big issues with it. It took all of a few seconds to figure out that I needed to change settings in KControl for Sounds in Kopete when I had no sound in that program.

I’m still getting used to it, and still need to get Beryl recompiled for use in KDE. However I see no issue doing so, and have uninstalled most of the Gnome programs I used before. I also recompiled my system to no longer compile for gnome compatability.

I’ll post more as I get used to KDE, for now I will say that I do think it’s a nice little interface once I really give it the personal touch.

MP3FS Part II: Real Life experience

I recently got my media server up, and fact is all my music files (legitematly ripped from owned CD’s of course) are in FLAC format. What can I say, for my entertainment center I wanted them at 100% quality. This doesn’t bode well for my iPod which I use with my in-car radio plugin. iPod’s be default don’t support FLAC, but the free firmware alternatives available don’t support the radio adaptor. One of those cases of functionality vs principle. Pragmatist that I am, and the fact that I only purchased the iPod for the accessories, the free firmware is not an option.

This does not mean that the solution isn’t found in free software. I wrote a while back on a program called MP3FS. The idea behind it was to use FUSE (Filesystem in UserSpace Enviroment) which allows for the user in question to mount many different types of file system assistants without being root. As it goes, you can mount an NTFS part in userspace and have just as good read write access as you get in Windows.

MP3FS takes this idea, and uses lame to transcode a directory of FLAC files on the fly. This allows you to use the flac files only once, and does not require you to have a completely seperate directory of applicable MP3 files. Needless to say this is a good thing, especially when you have your music shared across your home on an NFS. I tested it out some, and while it takes sometime for the program to completely catch up to the NFS server it does a bang up job for what it is. Some would prefer that the dev use BladeENC instead, but right now LAME is just as good.

Here’s hoping we can see more advancement in this field of development. I would think something like this would benifit all users.