SCO Summons PJ to the Stand

In the continuing Saga of SCO versus the Open Source and Free Software world at large, the folk at SCO have summoned PJ from Groklaw to be deposed in relation to SCO v Novell. What possible reason they could have or think they have for trying to pull this sort of bullshit is anyones guess. One big piece of crap that has been thrown out by these folk is that Miss Pamala Jones is in fact a conglomeration of IBM lawyers working a rather detailed PR campaign.

Even though every bit of data put forth on is in fact public record, and court room events are pieced together by eyewitness testemony from people in the gallery. PJ has been reporting on this entire legal debacle for the last three years and posted almost daily, totalling up to 3000+ articles on the subject. Hell, in order to maintain her integrety she left a perfectly good paying job with the OSRM instead of allow FUD to be spread by her work there.

It’s not right for SCO to be able to strip a person of income, and the folk on Groklaw have been extremely helpful to her.

Thing is with all this work she’s been doing, last Saturday she left a note on Groklaw saying she was taking a break to deal with some health issues and get back on her feet physically. After working three years straight I’m surprised she hasn’t had a break down already. However the moment she decides to take a vacation this happens. Well, there is no information on GLN for us to really look at, as PJ isn’t around to defend herself.

Personally the girl has my support. I hope she gets through this and that someone at the EFF is already working to quash this supenoa.

My Message for the RIAA. Back off of my rights.

Steve Jobs recently put out an open letter saying that Apple would be more then happy to drop all DRM… if the record industry would let them. Fact is I want all DRM gone from everything as it is little more then a constant infringment on my rights as a person, and I refuse to support anyone who agrees with it’s nescessity. This means the RIAA and this means the crap the content industry got put into Windows Vista. My freedom and my rights trump pretty.

Now the RIAA is saying sure Apple can figure out a way to make thing interoperable with DRM. Granted they could, but the fact is it shouldn’t be happening. The RIAA is simply wanting a way to limit how you can use music you purchase and if possible, make you buy it again and again. It’s profiteering, and along with their litigation is rauqeteering and even as far as criminal anti-trust. So you know what I have to say to these guys?

Bite Me.
I buy my music on CD’s, and I rip them to flac so I can have top quality on my entertainment center. I don’t share with anyone, I don’t do anything illegal and I don’t share my stuff with people mostly because I can’t convince people to switch to open and free formats.

I very much would urge anyone reading this to start petitioning their states Attorny’s General or the US justice Department to start an investigation into these illegal acts by the MPAA and the RIAA. It’s time we took a stand and said no more. Our computers and the information on them are OURS. They don’t belong to MS and they certainly don’t belong to the tyrannical lot in Hollywood.

If it could happen I would like to see a civil case against the whole lot for various actions against the people of the US.

ODF vs OOXML – A No Brainer.

I think it’s pretty obvious where I fall on this issue simply by who is supporting which format. Fact is I feel ODF is superior to OOXML is all ways as it relates to platform independence, interoperability, and content fidelity. OOXML is ladden with a buch of crap from Word 1.0 on, and in order to completely implement the spec you have to include bugs that were never fixed in previous office formats. As well the 6000 page spec only says you have to implement it, with no indication of HOW you should implement it.

Why the HELL should this spec include a thosand depreicated constants and bugs from previous versions of the doc format?

Rob Weir goes into details about the flaws in the process so far that has allowed OOXML to fast track through the ECMA rubber stamp to ISO. has a listing of objections to the OOXML format that have been or will be submitted to ISO in order to prevent the standards body from adopting the OOXML format as a standard.

Fact is that the OOXML spec is only going to be able to be fully implemented by Microsoft. No other implementation will be possible due to the pure volume of depricated crap and purposfully left in bugs in the spec. IBM has already made public statements against the OOXML spec.

For more information on the ODF format check out for more details on the ODF format.