I’m just sitting here right now trying to think up story ideas. I’ve got a few things in my head for stories that might be interesting to write. I’m just going to toss out some ideas in my head and then see what sticks. Honestly, I want to try to get a lot of ideas out right now though my brain seems to be running dry. I’ll be making an effort to post some thoughts but mostly I’ll keep my ideas to myself so I can run with them.

We’ll see what comes up as I go. How do you try to drum up original ideas for your stories if you write?

The Anatomy of a Writer’s Website

Found this article on Writer’s and I’ve been using it as a basis to try to improve both DD and Imperium some for future usage. I’m not entirely certain yet what I can do, but I’m going to do it and I’m going to solicit assistance from the general community on how to get where I’m trying to get. I’ll be adding on to both sites and try to make things a bit more professional over time.

Every little bit huh.

AMV’s, Anime, New Story Ideas

Been trying to rebuild my collection somewhat. Been looking at the classic anime collection box sets so I’m already making a list of series I want to purchase. I have always loved animated programs, and anime has ALWAYS been one of my favorite genres of animation. Granted, in the US we call the stuff from Japan Anime, while to them, it’s just plain old cartoons.
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