KOffice 2.0 RC1

Started playing around with KOffice 2 today. Honestly I don’t really mind it. A lot of the features that I had issues with from before have been fixed. The program is bringing up OpenOffice.org generated odt files up properly now without an extra blank page at the beginning. The program did crash when I hit undo, which is a bug I hope will be fixed.

As a program I do like how it looks. It still needs to be able to export to HTML properly for me to be really happy, considering I need HTML for Darkscribes.

DIY Multi-touch surface PC

I saw this on slashdot and was floored by the coolness factor. This is definitely a DIY I would attempt if I had the time, energy, materials, and funds to pull i off.

This Maximum PC Article has all the information you need to create your own basic multi-touch surface computer. Obviously You could take that and modify it as you saw fit, perhaps a different setup for video, change the cabinets design, add ports or drive bays to the outside to make things interesting. Maybe even go as far as o add everything else you want.

Definitely worth reading, if you have the time and money certainly worth trying.