Jim Bernheimer

I found Jim Bernheimer’s Webpage while reading a rather good Harry Potter fanfiction called “The Lie I’ve Lived” on FFN. IT’s an interesting story and I encourage everyone to go read that.

The man is also working on several original projects, like myself, and has actually published some of them through Amazon.com and other outlets. I encourage everyone to go look at his stuff and support another talented author in anyway they can.

KBlooger 1.0 Alpha 3

Decided to give kBlooger 1 a trial run. I have to admit that even for alpha software it does look like it will turn out well. First problem though is no tags so I have to add that later. Second problem is no image uploading, so I have to do that in the site itself. I’ll see how everything works over time. Maybe some things will be fixed as it progresses into beta and then stable 1.0. Who knows.

Here’s a screen shot.

no images were found