Sunshine, TX Revised

I’ve been thinking on my idea, and with the Drought Buster of a rain period we had this month I had to get to thinking. Why not just build the tiny house community and expand throughout Granbury, TX. There is more than enough of a support and infrastructure base already here, and plenty of areas in places to build up some interesting and fun things for folk, places to live, business to bring in, and such. I already have a spot picked out that could be used for an RV Park/Tiny house Community. Not just mobile tiny house but regular small houses in and around Lake Granbury. There is also an empty field area that might make for interesting possibilities for the community.

I’m looking up information, but what I really need are people willing to move here and help out the idea. It helps that Granbury has a lot of Texas History behind it and a lot of people eager for folk to bring in more life into the community. Our Square here is a nice historic place for people to enjoy.

I have a spot picked out for the first tiny house community and hope more folk are interested and willing to provide support, both monetarily and in real support as ideas and such.

Sunshine, Texas

So I’m driving to work and I get this thought. What if I tried to design a small town or community in North East Texas around the idea of sustainable easy to live with ideas? After all, it’s one thing to say we have to change things due to global climate change. It is a far far different thing to try and achieve something based around that thought. So here is my idea, and tell me what you think. Be honest, comments open to everyone.

First is that an artificial Lake would have to be built to supply the community, both with water and potential for tourist income. That’s something that has to be taken into account, income from visiting folk who might enjoy the town but live in a place like Ft. Worth or Dallas. The water would have to be provided by desalinization of water from the Gulf at first. I’d rather add fresh water to the system then drain anything up or down one of the rivers in the area. Every residence and business facility would have proportional underground rain water harvesting tanks for things such as landscaping, some gardening for food, and things of that nature. It should help the water needs for the families that live in the community.

In order to aid the water needs there would be nice parks, each one with a pond/water catchment on it that is connected to the rest of the water system of the community. That way we can help maintain the community’s water situation and be a bit more drought resistant. The more water the better.

Every house will have solar panels on them. With the new home and business batteries being sold by Tesla there is no reason NOT to have at least one or two 10kWh battery in each house and business throughout this community. The energy would be majority Solar and wind, with some Hydro-electric from the lake to help up and down stream if there is a connection to the Texas River system. I’d rather do that in order to be part of the system, but that’s me.

There would also be a place for Tiny Homes, small one or two person trailers and houses. The tiny house mentality would be integral to the community, reducing the amount of space per home used, while maintaining and adding trees and wooded areas throughout the community.

And in the center of town and old school designed square, with business and local government available for all areas.

This is just a simple idea, and one open for debate and improvement on. If you think this is a good idea, you could support it with idea clean up, or with ideas on how to actually make it happen. Let me know your opinions.

An Idea – Oregon Trail

The upheaval of the early Twenty-First Century, the socio-political strife and constant warfare eventually broke the larger governments ability to maintain order. Militaries deployed to help maintain order fail in their attempts to end the chaos. Roving bands of gangs in the major cities start attacking the authorties with impunity.

As time goes on, things settle down. While the Federal Governments of the world, the nations have all but dissapeared, smaller local communities have remained intact. In some case, like the Republic of Texas, larger collectives of city-states have banded together to form a new nation. In others, like the Island of Manhattan, there is only constant Gang Warfare.

Some have evolved around political ideologies that are similar to the past, while others have moved in extreme ways along all spectra. This is the story not just of this chaos, but of trying to do the right thing. And trying to figure out what it means to find home.

Time for a bit of a Rant

So, I’ve been reading politics again. Never a good thing. Frankly I’ve spent a large amount of time trying to keep out of the fray. I could go on about this and that, condemn all things I disagree with, fire and brimstone and maybe make a ton of cash doing it. I’m not going to though, that’s not who I want to be. That’s not what I want to write. But there are time when I read some things so blatantly stupid I need to speak up. And really there aren’t enough people speaking up against the absolute stupidity of people who call themselves “Social Justice Warriors” who are in fact censoring cowards. Delicate Snowflake? More like idiot who will end up incapable of existing in the real world.

Here’s the article that has me on my soapbox this morning.

If you haven’t guessed, I am firmly on the side of the Wall Street Journal on this one.

When I was a kid it was clear, if you are offended by something you either suck it up or you say something. You don’t get protected from content that offends you, you don’t get to block out ideas that go against your beliefs. You take them in, and if you agree or disagree with them you either say something, or suck it up and deal. It’s one of the reasons blogging became what it is. The public now had a way to speak out without the filters of the media, without the middle man. We could say what we wanted, when we wanted, and as intellectually or as crudely as we wanted. And it was perfectly legal, as the First Amendment always protected that.

Now we have people who need trigger warnings, hash tag this, disclaimer that. You shouldn’t say bad things about people, and if they try and kill you well it’s your fault for not being sensitive to their culture.


The First Amendment at the time was one of the first things that ever codified in law that the Government didn’t have the right to forcefully convert you to the State Religion, that you couldn’t be locked up for saying something a politician didn’t like. We said I had the right to print what I wanted even if it was anti-government, and that I could spout my beliefs from the highest available stage in public. We have never EVER been a country to give in on these ideals. Yet this newest generation seems not just willing, but eager to strip us of this founding believe because their virgin ears can’t handle it (if any part of them can be called virgin these days.)

I believe in real Freedom of Speech, of Expression, of Belief. That doesn’t mean I’m protected from anything that goes against it.

If you can’t handle being exposed to opposing ideas, then the problem isn’t me, or the people who you disagree with. The problem is you. If you feel you have the right to censor or in some other way be protected from contrary ideas than you are going to have a hard time in the real world.

Time to suck it up and deal.

Lost ideas

One of the things I’ve found lately is that I have a ton of crap in my personal files. They take up a 500 GB external HDD and frankly I need to clean up. So I’m in the process of doing that and uploading the new file layout into OneDrive. I’m in the process of joining the rest of the majority of the world with Windows.

I still like Linux, I’m just tired of being on the outside of the world and refuse to pay for anything Apple.

So I’ve got a TON of story ideas I never finished or need fleshing out sitting in my personal files. I need to work it all through though, slowly recreating my archives and such. It’s difficult and a pain in the ass.

So I’ve got a large amount of ideas in here that once done get slotted into Spacial Anomalies. Then I have to finish up more ideas for Terran Confederation and Europa for Darkscribes. It’s a lot of work. Not to mention the archives for Fanbards needing more work.

But I keep working an updating as I can, need to work on fanfics as well and post them all over the place.

We’ll see how much work I can get done.

The Lake is Back for the time being.

I think it’s pretty clear that in the last several years the entire west coast and central US, Texas included has had some severe drought conditions. Especially around here and it’s been noticable at Lake Granbury. And by noticable I think I should show you some pics I have of the area near the lake and it’s areas. To give you an idea here’s an image from a few months ago at the Park near where I live. The retaining wall there is important, so make a note of it.


Beyond that wall you could walk down and go to the lake, it was basically a shore, not a bad thing but hey, it’s what it is. Here’s a few more images of it.



And here it is TODAY!




The Lake ahs for all intents and purposes been filled up. AS of the news yesterday we were exactly at 0 feet low or high here in Granbury. And we have ore heavy rains on the way tomorrow. That doesn’t even take into account all the water on the ground that is still trying to make it’s way to the lake and the Brazos river. There could easily be flood conditions here in the next 24 hours. We have warnings all over the place.

So if you see me floating by… just be kind enough to wave.