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Driving and Imagining

So, I’m still doing the Uber/Lyft thing. And while I drive I get ideas that I need to write down. I’ve gotten myself a Surface for that, but I’m still working on story ideas and shorts. Hopefully I’ll be able to start scheduling posts of just plain story updates here at some point. 

One thing I’m also doing is working on posting vlogs to YouTube. I want to create as much as I can, but am running up against a problem. I’m getting home and just crashing out. I think I need to work out some, get the blood flowing and restarting my metabolism some. That might help me a bit. One story idea is set in dark times that require dark beginnings. Another is going to be interesting I HOPE but don’t know.

I’m going to go out and try and work while I drive, stopping at spots in between rides to write. It should make things interesting.

I’m working on plotting out additions to YouTube and posting those links here as well. I’ve got ideas for at least three theme specific channels. Including some technical behind the scenes stuff for Bookshelf.

If you have any opinions go ahead and drop them in the comments. 

Today’s ride.

So, today I went and did what I need to do in order to do pick ups at DFW Airport. They require registration if you want to pick up passengers for Uber or Lyft. Understandable really. Keep everything recorded and safe for everyone.

Liability and coverage on everyone’s sides.

I really think that this will help my daily take, and I have been doing well without so far. Covering expenses and bills is NOT bad work. This should help with an increase in income. I hope at least.

While riding today I am also thinking up ways to go and start streaming myself and other things. Need some hardware though.

Ideas and work.

Things go up things go down.

So, I did pretty much my personal goal for yesterday. Had to kick off early cause I promised mom I wouldn’t be out with the drunks for the Forth. She’s extremely “Cautious” (Read paranoid) about safety around here. Especially with the fire danger we’re in right now. 4th of July Fireworks worry her, and she’s concerned we might end up with a danger to the house.

But I went out and did what I usually do. I’ll need to do more tomorrow to catch up. Another thing about being self-employed, you have to make sure you earn enough to keep going day after day.

Frankly I don’t mind that part. I like the control I have over things in this, and I’m applying more strategy to things. Also, I’m in my head trying to invest more into my personal business while trying to get past my personal debts. I’m HOPING this will work out at the end of the day in a profitable (Read, able to pay rent at a nice apartment or buy a house) way.

Of course the question becomes, what other activities can I take part in that would be profitable. I can do more than just drive around, I’m not restricted to one income source. As long as I do my taxes right I’ll be doing pretty good. I’m hoping my blogging will become more interesting to you folks over time, to include my original works. I’ve also got to spend time spiffing up and it’s associated groups for the update to Drupal 8.

I’ve got an idea, but I really need to work more on this… and I have SOME time.

On the Road and Self Employed.

So, recently I lost my job and started looking for new work. Frankly it hasn’t gone to well. So I started driving for Uber and Lyft. Frankly around here I may stick exclusively with Uber.

Thing is I like being my own boss. And right now I am breaking even. That’s not bad when you define that by getting the bills paid. Eventually I will work on strategies to improve my efficiency.

I also am moving forward on this being my job as well. I have ads on the page for now, and I am working on getting tools to help me write more. Writing on a phone is not something I can do easily. Short shots like this sure, but I want to create more and therefore need a mobile office.

Patreon links will become more important as well in order to create a way to have some kind of monthly subscription for people. Depending on the member tier.

I don’t produce physical items though so that could be tricky.

Lot to work on. But for now…

Time to Roll Out!

After Holiday Thoughts

So Christmas is done for another year.

I’m not sorry it’s through.

It’s that time of year where we all think back to how we loved our lives this year, and try to tell ourselves we’ll do better next year. The New Years Resolutions we inevitably allow to fall by the wayside.

We get too tired, too beaten, too fed up with the world we retreat to the comfort and security of the familiar things. Or just try and survive the next day.

But regardless of what might become of these statements we always reflect and try at least to focus on improving ourselves and our lives. So we try, and we hope. We reflect on the year before, and celebrate the year to come.

At the end it’s all we can do. So look back at who you were, and think about how to become who you want to be.

Hybrid ideas and crossed over concepts

So I have been working for a while on recreating certain projects in a way so they could be shared with others. It got me thinking about where I really want to take things. Or if I should just pack it in.

Clearly packing it in is not something I care to do.

I’ve been wanting to get into more than just writing short stories, fanfiction, and maintenance posts. Things like screencasts with what I’m doing for Bookshelf and documenting my exploration of tiny houses. It’s time-consuming, and the equipment for some of it can be a bit costly. Still, might be worth it.

So what does one do? They try to get better that’s what they do.
I’m going to try and just write things in general from now on. Create some series, and keep some things just short stories and stand alone.
Also, I’m recreating the page in Drupal using some of the features I’ve created for Bookshelf.  That’s my plan for the pages and such anyways. I’ll also recreate a media galley functionality for the page.

Lots to do.

Hospitals Suck!

So I ended up in the hospital. My gall bladder is full of stones it seems and a particularly tenatious one has logged itself in the shared duct from the bladder, liver, and Pancreas. So I’m a bright shade of yellow and feeling like crap.

I’m just trying to adapt to my situation right now and pondering some things. Maybe write some things up into this blog while Iay here as I  don’t have access to anything right now.

I think right now all I really want is something solid to eat. I’d take cereal, maybe a nice ice cream treat. Anything. I’m living off IV fluids and Clear Liquids.

I’m in the VA medical system, so while I’m not paying for anything out of pocket Iam just laying here unable to do much of anything else. lots of time left on my own with nothing to do but watch tv and read small internet stuff as there is a nice big filter on this network. And since I have a lot of security on my accounts, I can’t even do those without constantly calling for reauthorization. My phone is nearly dead, so it’s on a power conservation routine.

Right now mostly I just want to be fixed so I can go home. I want to be back to work and living and getting though the day happy.

That’s all I got. maybe Ican just post a ton of stuff as I write it and such. A little free writing and all.


Update on Life

So, it’s been a bit since I wrote a blog post for here. Let’s just say it’s been busy and I haven’t been able to really do much save for some gaming (Halo 5), some occasional archive work, and maybe running ideas through my head but never onto a file. I know I need to work on that.

Right now I’m looking at Drupal 8 and trying to get a Drupal 8 install up to parity with my Drupal 7 Bookshelf profile layout. I’m not sure if that will matter long term, but it’s what I’m doing right now. I’m also still looking for help on the archiving and such.

Want to write a ton of stories and try and finish up several chapters and go from there on my fics. It be fucking kick ass if I just had a ton to drop all at once and such. We’ll see how that works. I’m still typing out things right now.

AS it relates to the Drupal 8 build, I have an issue I’m certain will come up, Story Navigation.

The way I have things setup right now requires the use of a third party module that is NOT available in Drupal 8. The easy way to handle navigation however does NOT make User Content Creation easy at all. I’m going to have to investigate potential solutions.

I’m not sure what the best option will be long term but we’ll see what we can see.

I’m going to try and play and review games on my shelf, and books, and everything in between, anything to add more content onto the pages.

Saturday Project Ideas!

So I have started trying to get myself out of the rut I allowed myself to fall into. It’s time I took some time to plan these projects I’ve been thinking off.

First thing, to all who do read my posts and stories thank you. If you like that than please share my posts with your friends. Leave comments in my comment section as well. There is nothing better than knowing what I write actually interests people. If you like that then think of throwing a few dollars to me via Paypal or Patreon.

Projects are what we call things that take up a lot more than just a simple instruction page. They are things that involve resources, information, hard work, and a bit of dedication.

I want to bring a tiny community to the Granbury, TX area. I think it is a great place to do so. Far enough outside DFW that you can enjoy the natural beauty of the Texas geography, but close enough to go and enjoy Ft. Worth’s sites.

First though I want to build my own. I recently ordered Tumbleweed Homes construction DVD. It’s in the mail and will provide a lot of good information. I also ordered a book on tiny house design.

This however brings me to a problem. Just buying a trailer for the build is $7,000USD before you take into account delivery. That gets you to close to $10KUSD I don’t own a truck that could transport it either.

One of the places I want for my tiny town is on the Brazos and costs $270,000USD.

So I guess part of the solution now is figuring out the financial part.

Of you like the idea of a Texas big tiny house town than I will appreciate any support for the idea. Material, moral, or financial.

I would also hope if you like the idea you would support it by setting up shop here. I definitely would be willing to help anyone who wants to build a tiny house RV or cottage in this projected community. You can also help develop businesses for income here.

I don’t know if this will work out, but one should be willing to try.

I will post GoFundMe links here shortly for the projects. Maybe we can do something big with little homes!