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On the Road and Self Employed.

So, recently I lost my job and started looking for new work. Frankly it hasn’t gone to well. So I started driving for Uber and Lyft. Frankly around here I may stick exclusively with Uber.

Thing is I like being my own boss. And right now I am breaking even. That’s not bad when you define that by getting the bills paid. Eventually I will work on strategies to improve my efficiency.

I also am moving forward on this being my job as well. I have ads on the page for now, and I am working on getting tools to help me write more. Writing on a phone is not something I can do easily. Short shots like this sure, but I want to create more and therefore need a mobile office.

Patreon links will become more important as well in order to create a way to have some kind of monthly subscription for people. Depending on the member tier.

I don’t produce physical items though so that could be tricky.

Lot to work on. But for now…

Time to Roll Out!

Organization? Not Really!

So I am trying to figure out what I should do as it relates to content. I have more than enough ideas to create a ton of posts for all stories and posts for the groups. The problem is that I get too worked up over work.
I don’t make the money I used to. I live with Mom and Dad again. Keeping the sites up is basically the only thing I have to hold on to at times. It gets a bit depressing.
So I could use some recommendations on how I should go about creating more content. I want to make my sites and groups worth the time to read, if not a few bucks from the readers.
Comments are open and welcome.

Sunshine, Texas

So I’m driving to work and I get this thought. What if I tried to design a small town or community in North East Texas around the idea of sustainable easy to live with ideas? After all, it’s one thing to say we have to change things due to global climate change. It is a far far different thing to try and achieve something based around that thought. So here is my idea, and tell me what you think. Be honest, comments open to everyone.

First is that an artificial Lake would have to be built to supply the community, both with water and potential for tourist income. That’s something that has to be taken into account, income from visiting folk who might enjoy the town but live in a place like Ft. Worth or Dallas. The water would have to be provided by desalinization of water from the Gulf at first. I’d rather add fresh water to the system then drain anything up or down one of the rivers in the area. Every residence and business facility would have proportional underground rain water harvesting tanks for things such as landscaping, some gardening for food, and things of that nature. It should help the water needs for the families that live in the community.

In order to aid the water needs there would be nice parks, each one with a pond/water catchment on it that is connected to the rest of the water system of the community. That way we can help maintain the community’s water situation and be a bit more drought resistant. The more water the better.

Every house will have solar panels on them. With the new home and business batteries being sold by Tesla there is no reason NOT to have at least one or two 10kWh battery in each house and business throughout this community. The energy would be majority Solar and wind, with some Hydro-electric from the lake to help up and down stream if there is a connection to the Texas River system. I’d rather do that in order to be part of the system, but that’s me.

There would also be a place for Tiny Homes, small one or two person trailers and houses. The tiny house mentality would be integral to the community, reducing the amount of space per home used, while maintaining and adding trees and wooded areas throughout the community.

And in the center of town and old school designed square, with business and local government available for all areas.

This is just a simple idea, and one open for debate and improvement on. If you think this is a good idea, you could support it with idea clean up, or with ideas on how to actually make it happen. Let me know your opinions.

Trying to Fund a Home!

I’ve been wanting to move back out of my folks place for a while. I’m working part time and looking at other jobs, but at the end of the day I want to be able to pay for a place and build a nice off-gird home there. With Earth Day just having passsed I kept thinking on the subject.

I figure, at least looking at property around here, that it could cost upwards of 200k if not double that to get an off-grind home built and greened up. That’s the cost of the land, designing and building the house and plumbing systems, solar installation, and whatever is needed for cable internet to be plugged in. Costly.

I WANT to earn the money for it over time as well, hence the posts here, the ads, the donation button on the side. And the posting of links from Amazon in my personal accounts. I need to see if there are any ideas on what to do to create a store on Fanbards for these things.

I frankly would also like to document and post about the process, going through local regs in order to pull this off. It would be a bit difficult all things said and done, but I like to think it’s worth it.

What say you folk? Is it worth trying to build a home in a sort of rural area off grid, or do you think I should just move back into the city and say to hell with the whole green housing thing.

A Thought to Downsizing!

Lately I have been thinking of how I could move out of my mothers house. Things have been difficult for the last several years. I ended up living with my parents again and have unfortunately been unable to find work that would allow me to move out.

Then Mom found a documentary film about tiny houses called “Tiny.” Strangely enough the person who did that documentary was also named Christopher Smith.

Since I watched it I have toyed around in my head with the idea of building one of these. The problem however is the same as before. Money. I just can’t afford one brand new when they run near $60k USD.

One company I follow though offers to sell you the building plans for their product. Tumbleweed Tiny Homes is one I frankly would love to build with minor modifications. I love the idea of having something with a porch I could sit on and enjoy the day with.

In fact, I honestly would love to have a good vehicle capable of towing one and one of these things. Maybe travel the country looking for stories and inspirations, taking images of the United States as I travel. That be interesting…

If I could finance such an endeavour that is.