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JPEG Patent DENIED! Also, Bloggers as Journalists

Groklaw is reporting a few things today. The biggest thing is the ruling by the US Patent Office (USPTO). The USPTO has ruled that Forgent’s claims for the patent on the jpeg format are invalid and that Forgent knew about the prior art that was brought up by the Public Patent Organization (PubPat). There is a chance that Forgent could appeal, but they got some work ahead of them.

Another big thing that some folk might like to know. The Appeals Court handling the case that has been called Apple vs. Bloggers by some on Slashdot ruled bloggers are journalists and are able to claim the protections of the first amendment. This is some big information and for some a big thing. Anyone who writes a blog now that ends up getting sued for their sources can end up like Woodward and Bernstein. Check out Groklaw for more information.

On the USPTO case, I’m hoping PubPat will win many more cases on software patents. The more that are struck down the safer a lot of folk will be from shit like what SCO is pulling against IBM, but IBM is holding it’s own real well. Hell, SCO is pretty much grasping at straws now. We’ll see when that one when it’s done.