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A Drupal based Story archive distribution.

Project Bookshelf: Default Content types and Features

So I’m working on Bookshelf some and I’m wondering what my default content types should be. Obviously I’ve already got three default types; Writing Prompt, Story Front Page, and Chapter Page. But should there be others? Should forum topics be active by default? Should I have default image galleries for everyone? That’s the question.

The Reason I’m thinking on this is for my User Content Management System (UCMS). My UCMS is designed around allowing the active user to have easy access to all of their content on a Bookshelf Archive, to include forum topics they have started. I’m still not entirely happy with how I did that on my 2.0 design, but I would like to try and make something similar to editing Chapters in my Story editing page. Something that just displays all the comments of a particular thread with the opening topic displayed and the table sorted by date of last comment.

It’s a thought at least.

Also, I’m trying to keep things simple and such, but I also need to have a good set of features for anyone interested. So there are dependencies to consider. Right now it’s dependent on Views, Panels, QuickTabss, Panelizer, and some of Core. I’m trying to keep things small mostly, but how much should be default and how much left to the person setting things up. I’m going to have to limit myself on this build.

I may consider, once I have bookshelf as something usable, recreating Dhampir Dreams on it and putting the cleaner setup into It’s going to be difficult either way as I’ll have to work towards a good migrate setup as well… but that being said I might be able to figure out a better way of things at a later point instead of my current content recreation work. No idea, I just need to get it all done.

Any ideas are of course welcome.

Story Content Types in Drupal

I’m working on Bookshelf again, and I am starting with a clean install of Panopoly over on The thing you have to understand is that the first thing I always do is create my basic taxonomies and content types. There are reasons for that.

  1. Everything I do revolves around these taxonomies and content types.
  2. They are the easiest things to take care of first.

So I create my taxonomies. These are the vocabularies that you ae going to use to define your content around your archive. Things like Literary Genres, Ratings, Series, Production Status, things of that nature.

Figure 1 – Genre Taxonomy

 I have to create these first as they are what I use to build up the Content Types for Writing Prompts and Story Front Pages. Those content types reference these term listings and need them as one continues through their archive process.

Also, creating my content types has to be done in an order as some have Entity References to others. Chapter Pages reference Story Front Pages, and Story Front Pages reference Writing Prompts. And while you can modify just HOW content types handle those references, you have to first create them before you can create those reference lists in views. Bit of a circular thing if you will. I’ll go into that more at a later time.

So I’m basically just creating basics right now. Things can get a lot more complicated or a lot simpler as time goes by, and I will get into that later. I’ve already spoken once on how to create structures stories and chapters in Drupal using Entity Refernce before and the User Content Management System I created. But I’ll discuss it again later probably with more depth and the like.

Let me know what you think.