An Idea.

I have a thought for developing some areas here in Granbury. I’m not sure how difficult it would be to pull it off, but I like to think it would allow me to create some nice pleasant homes for folks, or at least vacation rentals and the like, while being environmentally friendly. I have some ideas, but as with all things I need funding, knowledge, and support both materially and morally. I think I can pull it off within the area I live, and make things so very pleasant along this side of Lake Granbury.

My plan in my head is to purchase all the multi-acre farm lots around and build them up like classic farm houses and the like, and make them a good little farming home for families to move into that area as off-grid as possible. Frankly I’d probably rent out the houses so I could maintain some maintenance schedule for my tenants. I would HOPE my thoughts and such would be sufficient for low-income folk to move in as well.

I need advice and money, anyone who is willing at least to chip in some thoughts. I would of maintain as much of the surrounding nature as possible, while trying to make it just as green as possible, both philosophically and literally.

All houses would have to have solar power or something similar. All of them would also have to have a good gray-water arrangement that feed into ponds for beautification and the like. Texas doesn’t restrict rainwater harvesting at all, and in state law actually prohibits municipalities from preventing such things. I would like that at least. Composting toilets for some nice non-water using plumbing as well.

I want to try and build something more then just a few houses and farms. I like to think the facilities exist where I am to create a very nice community and such over time. I don’t know how or what not but it be a good idea in my view. We need more community in my mind.

So anyone willing to help build something nice and such with me is more then welcome to do what they can, even if it’s just advice for a good business plan or what not. I’ll take anything. Join the conversation. Maybe you can try something in your local area.