The Lake is Back for the time being.

I think it’s pretty clear that in the last several years the entire west coast and central US, Texas included has had some severe drought conditions. Especially around here and it’s been noticable at Lake Granbury. And by noticable I think I should show you some pics I have of the area near the lake and it’s areas. To give you an idea here’s an image from a few months ago at the Park near where I live. The retaining wall there is important, so make a note of it.


Beyond that wall you could walk down and go to the lake, it was basically a shore, not a bad thing but hey, it’s what it is. Here’s a few more images of it.



And here it is TODAY!




The Lake ahs for all intents and purposes been filled up. AS of the news yesterday we were exactly at 0 feet low or high here in Granbury. And we have ore heavy rains on the way tomorrow. That doesn’t even take into account all the water on the ground that is still trying to make it’s way to the lake and the Brazos river. There could easily be flood conditions here in the next 24 hours. We have warnings all over the place.

So if you see me floating by… just be kind enough to wave.