The Sorting

One of the things I’ve been doing due to the recent refit of all my sites is sorting my ideas. I’m trying to create a lot of work across several addresses, and it’s not easy. I’ve got Star Trek based ideas and posts going up on the Starbase-42 group over on, which I’m trying to add content beyond just old Fanfictions to. Darkscribes is getting a lot of Original content in the form of worlds I’m trying to conceive of and add to the page there. Imperium Nocturna is in fact moving over there as the first world. handles itself for the most part. I don’t really write erotica but I don’t mind offering a place for folk who do. I do eventually need to see if I can add some age checks to that group, and I will eventually. Just need some work on it.

And here I’m working on my personal work. Opinions, what I’ve tried, what I’m trying. What I dream of. I’m actually thinking of saving up for a good video camera and posting some videos of me talking to Youtube. I just don’t know if it’s a good idea, but it’s an idea. 🙂

I’ll keep trying for some more over time. Let me know your opinion of this segmentation and such. I’m always wanting opinions. 🙂