Writing Articles, Writing Posts, Sharing Ideas.

I’ve been working on Fanbards.net and I’ve been thinking about how I should go about my own ideas. One of the things I thought about was time management. I waste a lot of time it seems just trying to figure out some ways of doing things. After all, sometimes things worked just fine the old way I was doing it. Other times, not so much. It really does bring to mind Agent Phil Coulson’s line form the first episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

People tend to confuse the words new, and improved.

Ain’t that the truth. I’m going to have to stop doing that myself, just because some way is new and in some way different does not necessarily mean it’s a better way of doing things. So I’m going to try and stop myself from doing such things. Focus on doing things the way I always have, not because they are the best way, but because they work. That being said I’m also going to try and do more in general.

One of the things I’m going to start doing is dedicating specific time every day to just writing articles, original stories, fanfictions, anything I can think of. That should hopefully help me get more content out there in general, and be more productive in particular. I can’t help it though if I work on some things that don’t work out just right. I’m not after all a professional reviewer or critic. I don’t dedicate my life to instantly analysing new episodes of my favourite shows. I’m just a man who feels that at times he has something to say. I also enjoy having a personal forum to say them in.

That being said I also prefer to allow others a chance to share their ideas and stories on my own pages. So I have space for that as well. Hopefully I’ll get some work done and you’ll start seeing posts be more frequent and less instant idea posts like this one. I’ll also try and create some worlds and from those worlds quotes of the people who live in them. It’s just stuff to help with the brainstorming.