Snapping Turtle

I’ve become very interested in Tiny Houses lately. So interested that I have decided I would like to build or otherwise purchase one. The thing you need to understand about a Tiny House, is that it is small. You are basically downsizing your living area. When you consider how important it is to some folk, myself included, to be able to just move where we want with what we have it becomes more fun to think of.

So I’m starting a project to begin building my own.

Some folk seem to like to name their tiny houses, so I’m naming mine “The Snapping Turtle.”

When you think  about it, that is really how our world is moving. Less and less physical material around you don’t need, while respecting and preferring keeping things smaller, less cluttered. We’re moving from having shelves upon shelves grouning with DVD’s and video games to digital distribution. Personal Libraries replaced with Nook and Kindle accounts. It’s NOT a bad thing really when you think about it.

So I will be starting up some project funds to start building up capital to build myself one. I know what I want and what I will do. I’ll post more here as I get there.

Time to get mobile.