About The Author

This is the short summary biographical information from the book. This is probably all I really know of this woman, save that we are connected by blood.

Texas Born Corrah Heatherly-Smith was a long time teacher in her native state. She and her husband, Walter Ethelbert Smith also a teacher, we graduates of Southwest Texas State College at San Marcos, Texas. Four years after their graduation Lyndon Johnson got his degree in the same school.

A son, Walter Herbert Smith, was educated in Texas A&M University. After three years in World War II hi is married, has three lovely children and is employed in the Electronics office of general Dynamics in Fort Worth, Texas.

James and Janie Heatherly, parents of the author, came to Texas from Atlanta, Georgia and settled in Brownwood where the setting of The Yellow Devil of Texas was in reality. All things that happened there around the turn of the century.

The Pecan Bayou, the school, the plantation were all real. This bayou, The Yellow Devil, flooded the whole town and miles of country many times before a dam was constructed above the city.