Trying to Fund a Home!

I’ve been wanting to move back out of my folks place for a while. I’m working part time and looking at other jobs, but at the end of the day I want to be able to pay for a place and build a nice off-gird home there. With Earth Day just having passsed I kept thinking on the subject.

I figure, at least looking at property around here, that it could cost upwards of 200k if not double that to get an off-grind home built and greened up. That’s the cost of the land, designing and building the house and plumbing systems, solar installation, and whatever is needed for cable internet to be plugged in. Costly.

I WANT to earn the money for it over time as well, hence the posts here, the ads, the donation button on the side. And the posting of links from Amazon in my personal accounts. I need to see if there are any ideas on what to do to create a store on Fanbards for these things.

I frankly would also like to document and post about the process, going through local regs in order to pull this off. It would be a bit difficult all things said and done, but I like to think it’s worth it.

What say you folk? Is it worth trying to build a home in a sort of rural area off grid, or do you think I should just move back into the city and say to hell with the whole green housing thing.