Differences in Philosiphies

I’m sitting here in Starbucks thinking about what to work on and I get to thinking about the differences in design ideas. I’m working more stuff on Darkscribes at this time so that’s my main focus, getting the legacy content into the system. I’m going to keep working that a lot in the next week but this time I think I have a good handle on what I need to do.

Being back on WordPress though has given me a chance to compare and contrast. Part of the reason I went Drupal in the first place was because it made it, for me at least, easier to create and organize content into structured stories, books, and generate what I needed as I went. Though it made things like sharing to social media sites a bit more hands on. WordPress however makes straight up blogging much easier. This can not be stressed enough. As a blog it is easier for me at least to deal with. However I find myself wondering about structured content. I’m going to want to add original work to this site eventually, however I don’t see how this will work out as easily for me on here as it is on Drupal.

One WordPress everything not a post is a page. I create a page of content and it becomes part of the site. no content types, modifications, or organization. Just pages and post. I suppose for most this is a preferable setup. I’m not sure I agree. I’ll keep working on it, maybe try and recover some older stuff but right now this is what I have.

On Drupal however I could create content types, views, event calendars with maybe a new bit or something. It’s a powerful cms due to how everything is built. However it’s a bit more difficult to setup, import, and stage a site. Themeing is also a bear at times due to the setup and everything. But the power of the product is unmistakable.

I’ll use WordPress for now, construct the site, and see what I come up with as I do. I’ll make my pages and add my stories here. But something tells me I’m going to eventually end up back on Drupal for Dhampir Dreams.