Interconnecting Between Groups!

I own five domain names. All of them were purchased for a specific purpose and a specific idea. This was to be a site dedicated to sort of my own thoughts and original ideas. a collective of authors simply trying to put out the best content they could. then .net to create a moderated archive for the Evangelion fandom, and of course for those with a more… adult reading preference. was purchased with an eye on updating some things and holding on to our history a bit while moving forward.

So I’m basically creating content and posts day in and day out trying to come up with things that would be of interest to a majority of people. Hence why one idea is to turn Darkscribes into the group working on Original Stories Collectively. It sounds like an interesting idea at least.

One thing I’m thinking of is transferring Imperium Nocturna over to the Darkscribes group on It was originally a DS forum fic and anything about that world might be better suited as a part of that group then stand alone here. It’s part of a thought anyways.

Also, I think I need to create a menu of links for both sites that can be placed in the footer of the page. it would allow for osme inter-connectivity between ideas/sites and so on.

It leads to the thought that maybe it’s long past time to give up on a pseudonym and just be C.W. Smith to the world at large.  It’s an idea.

I’m willing to listen to anyone with ideas, just drop a comment at the bottom of the page.