Lost ideas

One of the things I’ve found lately is that I have a ton of crap in my personal files. They take up a 500 GB external HDD and frankly I need to clean up. So I’m in the process of doing that and uploading the new file layout into OneDrive. I’m in the process of joining the rest of the majority of the world with Windows.

I still like Linux, I’m just tired of being on the outside of the world and refuse to pay for anything Apple.

So I’ve got a TON of story ideas I never finished or need fleshing out sitting in my personal files. I need to work it all through though, slowly recreating my archives and such. It’s difficult and a pain in the ass.

So I’ve got a large amount of ideas in here that once done get slotted into Spacial Anomalies. Then I have to finish up more ideas for Terran Confederation and Europa for Darkscribes. It’s a lot of work. Not to mention the archives for Fanbards needing more work.

But I keep working an updating as I can, need to work on fanfics as well and post them all over the place.

We’ll see how much work I can get done.