More Major Life Changes

Well, anyone who knows me closely already knows this news. I recently got laid off from my job, so i’m in the middle of reassessing my life… again. I’m not sure if I want to go back to school on the GI Bill or if I want to just get back to work. Right now I’m tempted to just do the whole school thing, get a degree in Compi Sci with a minor in creative writing and go from there. It would be interesing.
Writing wise, I’m still working on my fanfics some, and pouring some effort back into Imperium Nocturna. I’m still needing some assistence with some things there, and anyone willing to assist in what is on the help wanted section are more then welcome.
I’m also trying to work on some more original work, maybe some short stories which will be posted here and on Darkscribes. I’m still really more interested in keeping my original work seperate from my fanfiction, but DS is still the best place to post for me. Either way, you’ll have a choice of where to go.
I’ve been toying around with skins recently for both DD and Imperium. I think I’ve got he color scheme themes I like and the layouts, though some specialized headers and images would be nice. Anyone willing to assist would be welcome on that as well.
No ill will towards Dell, they just didn’t have anything for a phone tech anymore. I’m just going to keep going. Thanks for any support you feel you would like to give.