“Real” Work vs Personal Projects

I work part-time at a Home Depot here in Granbury, Texas. I like the people I work with, and I enjoy the environment. That said I also live with my Folks again and have been trying to find a way to make enough of a living so I can move back out. It’s not been easy. I check the Texas Workforce pages for job opportunities and I send in digital job applications as often as I can. But so far I’m still a proud employee of Home Depot.

I also spend a lot of time just working on Personal Projects. Things like Dhampir Dreams and Fanbards.net. I’m trying to create, or recreate in some cases, community sites in a world that has largely gone to Facebook and Twitter for everything. Even then I like to think I can offer something to a niche or a clientele of some kind.

SO which is more important, the “Real” work of trying to find full time employment in the real world or the personal work of trying to build my websites into something that can at least bring in enough of an income so I can maybe live doing that and working Part-Time? It’s an interesting question in todays atmosphere. We talk about the economy and how it’s changed.

And then we go and spend hours sharing every little thing on the internet to forget for a bit that we can barely live in the world. I figure if I can at least get some money flowing, maybe get folk interested in what I have to say, then maybe I can do something with it.

Let me know what your opinion is. I have more then enough areas of contact available.