SCO Summons PJ to the Stand

In the continuing Saga of SCO versus the Open Source and Free Software world at large, the folk at SCO have summoned PJ from Groklaw to be deposed in relation to SCO v Novell. What possible reason they could have or think they have for trying to pull this sort of bullshit is anyones guess. One big piece of crap that has been thrown out by these folk is that Miss Pamala Jones is in fact a conglomeration of IBM lawyers working a rather detailed PR campaign.

Even though every bit of data put forth on is in fact public record, and court room events are pieced together by eyewitness testemony from people in the gallery. PJ has been reporting on this entire legal debacle for the last three years and posted almost daily, totalling up to 3000+ articles on the subject. Hell, in order to maintain her integrety she left a perfectly good paying job with the OSRM instead of allow FUD to be spread by her work there.

It’s not right for SCO to be able to strip a person of income, and the folk on Groklaw have been extremely helpful to her.

Thing is with all this work she’s been doing, last Saturday she left a note on Groklaw saying she was taking a break to deal with some health issues and get back on her feet physically. After working three years straight I’m surprised she hasn’t had a break down already. However the moment she decides to take a vacation this happens. Well, there is no information on GLN for us to really look at, as PJ isn’t around to defend herself.

Personally the girl has my support. I hope she gets through this and that someone at the EFF is already working to quash this supenoa.