The “Crook” Saga

First off I came into this story rather late in the game. A lot more detail is provided by about the affair. Seems this guy Micheal Crook has been filing false DMCA C&D’s against people who posted his image from a recent “Hannity & Combs” interview. This was news a bit ago on the Gentoo forum. EFF has filed a lawsuit against him for false claims on behave of the owner of related to the issue. The link to 10 Zen Monkey’s is to a specific post. They are looking for anyone who has been harrased by this guy recently. As DS and by extension Dhampir Dreams are hosted on servers in Canada I’m pretty certain Ghola is outside of DMCA jurisdiction.

Fact is, even if this guy owns the rights to his image he does NOT own the rights to the H&C interview footage. Those are property of News Corp whether he likes it or not. Also they were broadcast to the public. If anyone would have a case it’s News Corp, Fox News parent company. And they have never had issues with people posting images from their news programs before.

I didn’t see the interview in question but I have heard tell that this guy got reamed by both Sean and Alan. It was one of the few times the Gentoo forums had anything GOOD to say about FNC. This guy definatly deserves the reaming the net is giving him. HE runs three websites of particular distain to me including, ,, and I don’t provide links there because I don’t want to and unlike a reputable news organization I don’t have to be objective. I barely even spell check as many can and will tell.

… Fucking grammar nazis.

If anything the positions this guy espouses are dispicable to the extreme. He looks like he’s a goddamned psychotic. His name is rather appropriate, Crook and all.

Crook the crook

I’m so glad I’m hosted outside the US and DMCA jurisdiction.