Time Marches Forward

Today is my Thirty-Sixth birthday. I’ve been on this plain of existence for three and a half decades. Naturally, when faced with this horrific truth a man can only do one of three things. Party with family and celebrate. Reflect over what has past and what is yet to come… or grab a six pack and get hammered…

… I can’t afford the beer.

Fact is that my life has had it’s share of ups and downs. I’m trying to get out of a long term down right now, but have just managed to stay level really. But I haven’t given up hope, just had to keep working through what I’ve gotten.

I’m hoping this next year turns out to be the year I finally get out of the rut and find a way to make a living, really and truly. Who knows, maybe I’ll finally find a real relationship. Who knows.

I do know that tonight… I got a pint of Chocolate Ice Cream with my name on it.