We The People…

So, my Cousin Abby posted today that she had gotten herself an Internship with the American Civil Liberties Union. She’s been rather interested in social justice for a while, and has posted on Facebook about political and social issues she feels driven by. I got to say I applaud that eagerly… and not just because she’s my Cousin.

I’m a Conservative Republican. Now that might get confused with Flame throwers like Texas own Ted Cruz, or Tea Party members who demand all or nothing from the law, but I don’t care. I’m conservative in my ideas of how government should be run, I’m conservative in how I feel the Constitution of the United States of America should be interpreted, I’m conservative in matters politics and government. That being said I’m rather Liberal in my ideas of how society should evolve. For the most part, save for criminal issues, nether the two really cross for me.

We have the seperation of powers and the levels of seperation for a reason. Because giving One Branch or One Level of Government too much power is a bad thing. Because what works on the level of Granbury, Texas might not work as well for the folks in Nashville, Tennessee. Things like that, there are just some things that work better when viewed from the local level then from the Federal.

Also, There are things and actions that must be taken by the Executive Branch that the Legislative Branch just can’t mobilize quickly enough to deal with. And the Judicial Branch is there to clarify the rules for how we do all of this. Someone has to keep the code and keep us from breaking it.

This Guy Should do just fine!
This Guy Should do just fine!

I honestly find the idea of speaking out on issues you believe in, on doing something about the things you see needing work in the world to be the best thing possible. I don’t always concur with certain things every speaks on, and I get offended same as others. But I believe and they believe. The First Amendment’s protection of the Freedom of Religion defines that all are free to Believe as they will. That all are Free to opine, to prostliitize, to argue and debate as they will. To write what they wish, and gather as they wish.

So to Cousin Abby I say good luck, and Godspeed as you go on to Fight for what you Believe in. LIke the logo on the Home Depot buckets say, “Let’s Do This!”