What I’m hoping for as KDE 4.x develops

I’ve been using KDE 4.1.2 for an extended period and I am very pleased with the setup. The new QT 4 based tool kit has helped improve a lot of perceived issues with appearence and functionality. The elimination of ARTS in preference for Phonon was a good idea for the most part. Several people may have issues with it however, as they would prefer direct calls to ALSA. Considering the intent of making all KDE apps cross platform however I don’t see that as logical or practical.

One of the major things I’m wanting from continuously released versions is increased stability. This may just be typical of Gentoo’s install, however many apps seem to crash on shut down. This is one thing that either the increased stability and bug fixes to KDE 4.x will over time repair.

The most looked forward to thing for me that hasn’t shown up stable at all in any previous version of KDE 4 is kaudiocreator.  This is to me a basic need, as I do like the idea of being able to rip my CD’s without having to chmod from the mythbox. I’m also hoping that much of the changes in kaudiocreator will be worth the wait. I’m not entirely certain what is being changed or if the port to qt4 is just being that difficult.

As time passes more Plasma apps are becoming available. Many so far on kde-looks.org are binary apps written in C++. The good thing from my understanding about the Plasma Desktop is that it allows someone to write both binary and script based apps. I’m wondering how long before someone writes a semantic desktop search app for the desktop similar to Beagle and Google Desktop. I’m wondering how easy that would be to do personally.

A lot of good work is being done in KDE 4 so lets see what KDE 4.2 and further comes up with.