Linux Licensing – Linus says no to current draft of GPLv3

Linux Licensing –

Yup, the creator of the most widely known piece of open source software has said that he would not use the current draft of the third version of the general public license. The major complaint is the section on DRM. FSF is basically trying to write GPLv3 so that no one who uses it can keep things like DRM code to themselves. THings like Tivo and such. If you use v3, you can’t make your product in anyway closed.

Linus to this says no.

C-Net: GPLv3.0: A Bonfire of the Vanities

Another Op-ed piece about GPLv3.0 draft 1.

Underworld: Evolution

Went and saw Underworld: Evolution this weekend. Thought it turned out damn good, especially watching a good female heroine beat the shit out of a monster. Kate Beckensal is hot in the black latex. What can I say, I like females who you can say she has big guns and not have to be talking about her tits.

The storyline for this one is pretty much a direct continuation of the first movie. Picks up shortly after Celine kills Victor in movie one. We find out more about Vampires and Lycans, and even meet the one that became the progenitor of both species.

If you got time to go see it then I say do so, it’s damn good, and who knows, you might like it.

Vampire Hunter D (Vampire Hunter D) Books: Vampire Hunter D (Vampire Hunter D)

The original material that brought forth the anime that is one of the best in the world. The First movie was based on Volume 1 of this series. Bloodlust was based on Volume 3, and honestly I look forward to getting all of the new books as they come out. If you haven’t gotten this book yet, and want to get it then just go out and get it. 🙂