Status Report on Projects!

Well, I figured I would give you some updates on a few projects I’ve been toying at as I’ve worked. I’m going to give you guys a status on it.

First up, Project Bookshelf is back on the table. I’m going to create a Project Page for it later, and drop some images. What Bookshelf is, is a Drupal based setup for story archiving. It’s basically what I’ve done on, and is being built on the Panopoly distribution of Drupal. It has three content types: Writing Prompts, Story Front Page, and Chapter Pages. It also has a panelized layout with Quick Tabs setup for user contributions and use content creation setup based on my user dashboard, built with Homebox. I’ll be working on that and getting it stable then asking the guys on the Drupal pages and groups how I would go about making this a good distro.

Project Snapping Turtle is still in planning stages. I have to figure out how I want to do this and start paying for things and saving up for plans and such. I will probably have to setup a GoFundMe Campaign on this for the basics and the most expensive parts of the build. I work in a Home Depot, so I know that a lot of structure should be easy, but I need to get tools and such as well. Not to mention the foundation trailer.

Which brings us to Fall Creek Campground and Brazos Banks Tiny House Communities. I’m going to want to do this first as they will provide experience and knowledge for the big project of Sunshine, TX. Sunshine however is going to require more than just money. It’s going to require commitment from you, the people. I’m going to want people to donate not just money, but themselves for that project. I want to build up enough of a population to incorporate as a real Texas town, and that needs legal work.

I’ve got all of this in mind, and if you are willing then I ask that you help out, either in cash or in moral support, or even experience if you have it that would be beneficial to all these projects. I WANT to prove a green ecofriendly town is possible. I want to do this and start with these projects. But projects of this magnitude require folk who believe to provide support, in some way shape or form.

So let me know what you think, comments are always welcome.