The Wandering Society

So I’ve got a few ideas for Tiny House Communities here in and around Granbury, TX. One of them involves building me a campground sort of thing where folk can drive up and get settled down for a few days or so. Nothing long term, just like a week’s vacation or something to that effect. It have a nice pool, and be an environmentally friendly as I could make it and still be legal. I’ve actually found a perfect spot locally for such a thing. IT be along Fall Creek Highway here, and would probably be open sometime next year if I were able to get everything I needed for zoning, licensing and all of it built. I have an overhead shot of the Region of Fall Creek I would want to try and build in.


I’m not sure if it’s the best, but I would want to preserve as much of the tree cover there as possible. That’s what I want for that idea, and I think it be an interesting setup. I still need to go to Hood County and ask folk there. Then there is the place near where I live that I think would be a nice spot for a Tiny House Community Semi-Long term.


There is a 30 acre spot in there that is all trees and for sale. I think if things were done properly you could fit a nice green Tiny House community there. Once again the goal is to do so with as little environmental impact as possible. This piece of land is $270,000 plus applicable taxes. But Boy would it be a love spot to create a small community on. Also it goes straight down to the Brazos River so there is a spot to build a recreation area for everyone. I’ll probably be starting up the GoFundMe Campaign to start my Tiny House here in a week or so, and I’m going to try and keep it for the really big things like appliances and toilet and such. But I have this idea and I’m wanting to know who is up for it. If so you’ll have your chance to contribute here once I create the project page. Laters!