Enlightenment DR17 Modules Reviews Pt 1 – Engage

So far I’ve been trying to make my laptops as small on the footprint as possible. So what I did was remove gnome and put Enlightenment DR17 on the Dell E1505. One of the things I’ve been looking at once I got E17 running was the use of icons and taskbars. Welll, Engage is a pretty decent program that comes with DR17. anyone who uses will notice something right off the bat. It looks a hell of a lot like how the programs are found in Mac OSX. Thing is, it’s a pretty decent program for Enlightenment. Problem is, all the icons and commands are saved in a binary format for DR17.

Engage toolbar
Engage with a basic setup. Click for High Res.

Once you know how to edit the appropriate file you can put anything you want on there. There’s a lot of information available at Get-e.org and Enlightenment.org.