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The Match

History is a lesson in cycles. The cycle repeats over and over again. Civilizations, nations, republics, empires rise and fall. One group dominates another, some try to co-exist, war is followed by peace, expansion is followed by decline. Some people fight it, some welcome it, and others just try to get by.

Whatever the spark had been, it didn’t really matter at this point. Things were falling apart, and while some were using it as an excuse to attack people they hated for even the pettiest of reasons, others were doing their best to bring some order back. We couldn’t stop it from falling apart, but we could try to put it back together.

It all started with one black guy getting taken down. Nothing out of the ordinary, guy had a record big as I was tall. He resisted arrest, attacked both an officer and an elderly woman who was just trying to get some food for her cat. The arresting officer took him down, maybe with a bit more force than usual, but that’s how it goes.

It’s happened before, no one cared about how many people this guy had hurt, or stolen from, or even if he’d almost killed them. He got a booboo when he was taken in so they started screaming about brutality. Protested in the middle of the city. Happens almost all the time it seems these days.

This time though, someone had the bright idea of showing the protestors their place. It was a massacre. Almost a hundred dead, hundreds more maimed and seriously injured. The match had been lit, and it didn’t stop burning until it hit the fuse. Now the bomb was set to blow.

And blow it did. Now the city is in a full on race war. People, just living their lives now having to run in fear, hide from one side or the other. You look white, one side kills you. You look like a criminal, the other side lynches you for “justice.”

The churches, synagogues, and mosques have become refuges for the innocent looking to get out of the firing line. Entire lives burned to ash for the simple crime of not being the same as the arsonist who lit the flame. We aren’t getting any help from the state, or the Feds. It’s on us to go out there and try and bring order to the city.

The Mayor tried to tell us to stand down, to let it burn itself out. The problem is that it’s not. It’s only getting worse. Our duty is to the people, not the politicians, or the ideologies at play here. We’ve got our gear, our guns, and our duty.

Protect and Serve.

May God have mercy on us all.

An Idea – Oregon Trail

The upheaval of the early Twenty-First Century, the socio-political strife and constant warfare eventually broke the larger governments ability to maintain order. Militaries deployed to help maintain order fail in their attempts to end the chaos. Roving bands of gangs in the major cities start attacking the authorties with impunity.

As time goes on, things settle down. While the Federal Governments of the world, the nations have all but dissapeared, smaller local communities have remained intact. In some case, like the Republic of Texas, larger collectives of city-states have banded together to form a new nation. In others, like the Island of Manhattan, there is only constant Gang Warfare.

Some have evolved around political ideologies that are similar to the past, while others have moved in extreme ways along all spectra. This is the story not just of this chaos, but of trying to do the right thing. And trying to figure out what it means to find home.

Re-thinking Worlds

Many people have tried to answer the questions revolving around our universe. Who are we? Why are we here? How does time flow? Questions that have as many answers as the stars visible in our night sky. And many of these answers shape our reality just by being thought of. When we dream of worlds beyond our own, sometimes those world take form and breed gods with power beyond our understanding. And sometimes when we make the smallest of changes to our everyday lives, miracles happen.

All of these lines, these realities we form branch off as they are built upon and dreamed by others we share them with. We give more reality to these things as they build and evolve. One could say that for every idea conceived, every story told, every thought written down a new universe is opened up. Some would describe it in a way similar to the World Tree Yggdrasil, and reality crawling along her many branches.

Perhaps there is a place, where some watchful gardener takes a cutting from Yggdrasil. A snip, a young man watching two suns set on the horizon. Another, two brothers travel a lonely road protecting people from things beyond our realm. Yet another, a war between people who were once proud to call each other friend is waged across the stars. And yet another, where a group of extraordinary individuals band together to fight a god. An orchard of worlds, each telling its own story. Each slightly different from the world tree it was cut from, yet still the same in so many ways.

And as with all trees in many orchards, there are places where branches from different trees intersect. With their roots entangled with one another, this orchard of worlds regularly collide with unusual results.

I’ve been pondering things to write for all the sites and things of that nature. I’m already working on an idea in my head for Starbase-42, and I’m trying to create some worlds and such for Darkscribes. Original and Fanfiction creation is a difficult process. Fanfiction gives you a world of characters and history to work with, but you have to be able to bring something compelling to that world or it’s not worth it. Sometimes you get a major idea and want to build around a few things with elements from other worlds. Personally depending on how that is handled it always seems… over done to me.

There is a way to combine and mix and match elements of stories together WITHOUT making it feel tacked on or over done. I try to achieve that myself with crossovers but it’s a fine balance. You can’t make it too much one way or the other.

But if you can pull it off it makes a great story.

James Bond: By Any Means Necessary.

Haven’t been posting as I should or wanted to. Been busy and tired from congestion kicking my ass. But I’m going to think some for now.

I heard of some folk wanting to cast Idris Elba as the next James Bond. Everyone is going to have their own opinion on this. I personally think Elba would be better cast as someone who Trained Bond that has now got to be hunted down and stopped. Not because he’s turned against the country, but because he feels the Country isn’t willing to do what needs to be done.

I see him as leading a group of like minded former Agents, MI-6, Mi-5, CIA, NSA, Mossad things like that. He leads them towards causing an event that will bring down all those who would target the UK, USA, and other allies. Bond has to try and defeat this man who trained him, taught him, mentored him. Bond’s female co-star would be a decorated FBI agent.

After the obligatory action packed ending however it wouldn’t end with this group stopped, or some moral saying there is a  line you can’t cross in defense of Queen and Country. It would be far more ambiguous then that. Bond and M looking at intel world wide showing the results of this groups actions, and the thought that these guys may have succeeded in what they were attempting. And knowing that they are still out there, acting to defend Queen and Country, the Flag, whatever, By Any Means Necessary.

I think this would be a compelling film to be honest.

The Sorting

One of the things I’ve been doing due to the recent refit of all my sites is sorting my ideas. I’m trying to create a lot of work across several addresses, and it’s not easy. I’ve got Star Trek based ideas and posts going up on the Starbase-42 group over on Fanbards.net, which I’m trying to add content beyond just old Fanfictions to. Darkscribes is getting a lot of Original content in the form of worlds I’m trying to conceive of and add to the page there. Imperium Nocturna is in fact moving over there as the first world.

Lemontastica.net handles itself for the most part. I don’t really write erotica but I don’t mind offering a place for folk who do. I do eventually need to see if I can add some age checks to that group, and I will eventually. Just need some work on it.

And here I’m working on my personal work. Opinions, what I’ve tried, what I’m trying. What I dream of. I’m actually thinking of saving up for a good video camera and posting some videos of me talking to Youtube. I just don’t know if it’s a good idea, but it’s an idea. 🙂

I’ll keep trying for some more over time. Let me know your opinion of this segmentation and such. I’m always wanting opinions. 🙂

A Look at a World Not Yet Conceived

The lains of purple grass flowed like waves as the winds blew across the valley. Two of our worlds moons were visible as the White Sun made it’s decent and sank the world into night. My Grisha always told us stories of the moons, the protectors of those who walk at night.

Night was never truly darkness however,  the light from the moons, the purple star clouds visible on a cloudless night would illuminate everything. As I walked next to Miralla towards our village, I took a moment to enjoy the contrast of her blue flesh, how it contrasted against everything around us.

We walked along, waving towards the farmers and hearders who were moving to end their day of labor once more. And as we walked I wondered, if there was a world where others lived as we do.

Did they look up, blanketed by these gods of the night as we did and protected in perpetual light? Or were they lost in dark worlds. I can not say.

But I wold love to see it one of these days.

We The People…

So, my Cousin Abby posted today that she had gotten herself an Internship with the American Civil Liberties Union. She’s been rather interested in social justice for a while, and has posted on Facebook about political and social issues she feels driven by. I got to say I applaud that eagerly… and not just because she’s my Cousin.

I’m a Conservative Republican. Now that might get confused with Flame throwers like Texas own Ted Cruz, or Tea Party members who demand all or nothing from the law, but I don’t care. I’m conservative in my ideas of how government should be run, I’m conservative in how I feel the Constitution of the United States of America should be interpreted, I’m conservative in matters politics and government. That being said I’m rather Liberal in my ideas of how society should evolve. For the most part, save for criminal issues, nether the two really cross for me.

We have the seperation of powers and the levels of seperation for a reason. Because giving One Branch or One Level of Government too much power is a bad thing. Because what works on the level of Granbury, Texas might not work as well for the folks in Nashville, Tennessee. Things like that, there are just some things that work better when viewed from the local level then from the Federal.

Also, There are things and actions that must be taken by the Executive Branch that the Legislative Branch just can’t mobilize quickly enough to deal with. And the Judicial Branch is there to clarify the rules for how we do all of this. Someone has to keep the code and keep us from breaking it.

This Guy Should do just fine!
This Guy Should do just fine!

I honestly find the idea of speaking out on issues you believe in, on doing something about the things you see needing work in the world to be the best thing possible. I don’t always concur with certain things every speaks on, and I get offended same as others. But I believe and they believe. The First Amendment’s protection of the Freedom of Religion defines that all are free to Believe as they will. That all are Free to opine, to prostliitize, to argue and debate as they will. To write what they wish, and gather as they wish.

So to Cousin Abby I say good luck, and Godspeed as you go on to Fight for what you Believe in. LIke the logo on the Home Depot buckets say, “Let’s Do This!”

Interconnecting Between Groups!

I own five domain names. All of them were purchased for a specific purpose and a specific idea. This was to be a site dedicated to sort of my own thoughts and original ideas. Darkscribes.org a collective of authors simply trying to put out the best content they could. Evafics.org then .net to create a moderated archive for the Evangelion fandom, and of course Lemontastica.net for those with a more… adult reading preference. Fanbards.net was purchased with an eye on updating some things and holding on to our history a bit while moving forward.

So I’m basically creating content and posts day in and day out trying to come up with things that would be of interest to a majority of people. Hence why one idea is to turn Darkscribes into the group working on Original Stories Collectively. It sounds like an interesting idea at least.

One thing I’m thinking of is transferring Imperium Nocturna over to the Darkscribes group on Fanbards.net. It was originally a DS forum fic and anything about that world might be better suited as a part of that group then stand alone here. It’s part of a thought anyways.

Also, I think I need to create a menu of links for both sites that can be placed in the footer of the page. it would allow for osme inter-connectivity between ideas/sites and so on.

It leads to the thought that maybe it’s long past time to give up on a pseudonym and just be C.W. Smith to the world at large.  It’s an idea.

I’m willing to listen to anyone with ideas, just drop a comment at the bottom of the page.

Ideas for things to work on

This is more of a brainstorming post then anything. Me just putting ideas out into the ether to see what develops. It’s part of my new attempt to write something everyday. Even short blog posts.

One of the things I”m thinking of doing are short articles on the Drupal development process I’m going through. I could work on that and post them, or schedule their postings over time. It’s a thought at least. I’ll need to think on it. Need images and the like.

I’m also needing to work on actual stories, original and fanfics, just no idea how to bring myself to dedicate that kind of time to something I really make no money on. Still, I should dedicate time to things that I find fun and enjoyable. Just not sure if I can at times. It would be nice if I could make a living wage doing this. Or at least be interesting to read.

I have thought of this before and have been on the down side. It happens. I can just keep trying.

Writing Articles, Writing Posts, Sharing Ideas.

I’ve been working on Fanbards.net and I’ve been thinking about how I should go about my own ideas. One of the things I thought about was time management. I waste a lot of time it seems just trying to figure out some ways of doing things. After all, sometimes things worked just fine the old way I was doing it. Other times, not so much. It really does bring to mind Agent Phil Coulson’s line form the first episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

People tend to confuse the words new, and improved.

Ain’t that the truth. I’m going to have to stop doing that myself, just because some way is new and in some way different does not necessarily mean it’s a better way of doing things. So I’m going to try and stop myself from doing such things. Focus on doing things the way I always have, not because they are the best way, but because they work. That being said I’m also going to try and do more in general.

One of the things I’m going to start doing is dedicating specific time every day to just writing articles, original stories, fanfictions, anything I can think of. That should hopefully help me get more content out there in general, and be more productive in particular. I can’t help it though if I work on some things that don’t work out just right. I’m not after all a professional reviewer or critic. I don’t dedicate my life to instantly analysing new episodes of my favourite shows. I’m just a man who feels that at times he has something to say. I also enjoy having a personal forum to say them in.

That being said I also prefer to allow others a chance to share their ideas and stories on my own pages. So I have space for that as well. Hopefully I’ll get some work done and you’ll start seeing posts be more frequent and less instant idea posts like this one. I’ll also try and create some worlds and from those worlds quotes of the people who live in them. It’s just stuff to help with the brainstorming.