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To Those Who Believe in Global Climate Change and Actually Have Money!

If you don’t believe in the theory of man-made climate change than this one isn’t for you. If you feel a lot of this is just panicking over something that is not proven you can read one of my other posts. You aren’t the one I’m talking to today. To those of you however who do believe that this science is proven out, that the evidence is conclusive, and unlike me actually have money to do something about it, this one if for you.

First off I don’t believe that Climate Change science is settled science. I don’t believe good science should EVER be considered settled. Good science is always in flux, always open to new information, always open to disproving. Settled science is frankly bad science in my opinion, and becomes less about data and experimentation and the Scientific Method and more about politics and belief. I do believe in moving towards solar and wind and other renewable energy sources, reducing if not completely rendering the use of fossil fuels obsolete, and doing what was can to improve the state of the world we live in. I’ll never say Climate Science is settled or absolute, because I don’t believe it should be. We must be willing to disprove hypothesis no matter what.

To those of you however who not only do agree that the science is there, but also have the cash to do something on a person level, this one is for you.

You need to do something about your own use.

If I had the cash for it I’d been living with solar panels and Tesla batteries, greywater irrigation for a yard, and composting all over the place. I however work part-time at a retail store. I don’t make enough to even have my own home.

Those of you who are much better off than me should however be leading by example.

If you lived in an upscale neighborhood in a drought stricken area and believe in Climate Change you should be replacing your grass with drought resistant plants and using your grey water. If you are in a higher tax braket then me you should be installing solar panels or wind turbines and storing that energy as well as putting it out on the grid. If you think the science is settled and have an address in a high priced zip code then you had better be pushing regs at your HOA that support ecologicaly friendly work.

Cause if you aren’t, you are a major part of the problem.

People who don’t want to change always point to the market, saying the market will decide. Which angers people who want these techs out there now. The problem is that YOU ARE THE MARKET!!! YOU Are who they are saying isn’t buying the ecofriendly options. You are the ones who demand these changes then go out and buy a gas guzzling muscle care or SUV, then bitch about it not being more efficiant. Why should companies put out things like that when you folks with the cash aren’t buying them?

Why should we have renewable energy when people in high priced areas don’t want a windmill or solar cell because of how it makes the area look?

If you have the money then you MUST follow through. I am not going to hold this against those who disagree with the idea of Climate Change. They don’t believe the science is solid, they don’t believe the data supports it, and they believe that tech will advance as it should and that is that. They aren’t the ones I’m holding accountable.

You guys however who do have the cash and the belief… why aren’t you leading by example and spending dollars for better options?

One of the things I want to do is build a town dedicated to these ideals here in Texas. I need cash and people willing to live, work, and build a life there. If you support the idea of renewable energy, green friendly building, and other eco options then you need to stand up and put your cash down on what you need to pull it off in your home, in your life.

Change like this doesn’t start with government and corporations. It begins with people.

Sunshine, Texas

So I’m driving to work and I get this thought. What if I tried to design a small town or community in North East Texas around the idea of sustainable easy to live with ideas? After all, it’s one thing to say we have to change things due to global climate change. It is a far far different thing to try and achieve something based around that thought. So here is my idea, and tell me what you think. Be honest, comments open to everyone.

First is that an artificial Lake would have to be built to supply the community, both with water and potential for tourist income. That’s something that has to be taken into account, income from visiting folk who might enjoy the town but live in a place like Ft. Worth or Dallas. The water would have to be provided by desalinization of water from the Gulf at first. I’d rather add fresh water to the system then drain anything up or down one of the rivers in the area. Every residence and business facility would have proportional underground rain water harvesting tanks for things such as landscaping, some gardening for food, and things of that nature. It should help the water needs for the families that live in the community.

In order to aid the water needs there would be nice parks, each one with a pond/water catchment on it that is connected to the rest of the water system of the community. That way we can help maintain the community’s water situation and be a bit more drought resistant. The more water the better.

Every house will have solar panels on them. With the new home and business batteries being sold by Tesla there is no reason NOT to have at least one or two 10kWh battery in each house and business throughout this community. The energy would be majority Solar and wind, with some Hydro-electric from the lake to help up and down stream if there is a connection to the Texas River system. I’d rather do that in order to be part of the system, but that’s me.

There would also be a place for Tiny Homes, small one or two person trailers and houses. The tiny house mentality would be integral to the community, reducing the amount of space per home used, while maintaining and adding trees and wooded areas throughout the community.

And in the center of town and old school designed square, with business and local government available for all areas.

This is just a simple idea, and one open for debate and improvement on. If you think this is a good idea, you could support it with idea clean up, or with ideas on how to actually make it happen. Let me know your opinions.