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Mark Shuttleworth: You Can’t Make Money Off the Linux Desktop

Seems that Mark Shuttleworth is stirring the pot again. According to this blog from Computer World Shuttleworth has declared that the idea you make money from the Linux Desktop is in error. The shrink wrapping of free programs and sending them is not the way to make money, but the way to get people on. You make your money, according to him, by the value added services you provide. Things like support and other resources. But the desktop itself not at all.

He’s also quoted as saying Microsoft has made the leap with their offerings in the Cloud Computing area.

I figured I’d share this with you all.


In order to keep my mail box from overflowing with crap I’ve been using a spam program that really just holds everything before it goes through. The system sends something for human verification, but really half the time I have to go and filter it manually. And it’s a pain in the ASS! It’s always full of crap mail and even then lately some of it is getting through.

I really need to get Tom to look into fixing up the filtration software for me so i doesn’t get to do that.

Nokia n800, review and opinion

I have been a big proponent of FOSS software and projects based on them. The Nokia n800 is marketed as an internet tablet by Nokia. It actualy functions well as a PDA. I’ve had no issues with the standard pim functionality. If anything I would say pim is something only the truely awful screw up.

Now, the n800 has some sweet features, to include a builtin webcam, fm tuner, wifi, bluetooth and an onscreen keyboard. The big thing however is the already substantial catalogue of available apps. One need only check the Maemo project page to see.

There are several good addons being developed to include a screen graber, skype, and a program called WordPy. I’m using WordPy to write this entry. Now this is the one thing that could be better. Idon’t like the onscreen kb for stuff like this. It does okay, but it’s difficult to get stuff out right.

All in all I like it.

Trying to learn to code

So I decided I wanted to try to learn to code. And as nuts as I am I chose C++ as the programming language I would go with. Mostly because this is the most used language out there for binary programming. I should hopefully be able to apply what I learn in C++ to anything else. Or at least be able to figure the good stuff out.

Fact is I want to get a Nokia n800 and then create a program to use as a MythTV remote on it. If I ever get around to learning how I’ll post the source code here under GPLv3 or 2 for others to help and contribute to.

One thing I want to eventually do is actually go back to school and get a degree. but that is probably a long ways off.