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Driving and Imagining

So, I’m still doing the Uber/Lyft thing. And while I drive I get ideas that I need to write down. I’ve gotten myself a Surface for that, but I’m still working on story ideas and shorts. Hopefully I’ll be able to start scheduling posts of just plain story updates here at some point. 

One thing I’m also doing is working on posting vlogs to YouTube. I want to create as much as I can, but am running up against a problem. I’m getting home and just crashing out. I think I need to work out some, get the blood flowing and restarting my metabolism some. That might help me a bit. One story idea is set in dark times that require dark beginnings. Another is going to be interesting I HOPE but don’t know.

I’m going to go out and try and work while I drive, stopping at spots in between rides to write. It should make things interesting.

I’m working on plotting out additions to YouTube and posting those links here as well. I’ve got ideas for at least three theme specific channels. Including some technical behind the scenes stuff for Bookshelf.

If you have any opinions go ahead and drop them in the comments. 

On the Road and Self Employed.

So, recently I lost my job and started looking for new work. Frankly it hasn’t gone to well. So I started driving for Uber and Lyft. Frankly around here I may stick exclusively with Uber.

Thing is I like being my own boss. And right now I am breaking even. That’s not bad when you define that by getting the bills paid. Eventually I will work on strategies to improve my efficiency.

I also am moving forward on this being my job as well. I have ads on the page for now, and I am working on getting tools to help me write more. Writing on a phone is not something I can do easily. Short shots like this sure, but I want to create more and therefore need a mobile office.

Patreon links will become more important as well in order to create a way to have some kind of monthly subscription for people. Depending on the member tier.

I don’t produce physical items though so that could be tricky.

Lot to work on. But for now…

Time to Roll Out!

An Idea.

I have a thought for developing some areas here in Granbury. I’m not sure how difficult it would be to pull it off, but I like to think it would allow me to create some nice pleasant homes for folks, or at least vacation rentals and the like, while being environmentally friendly. I have some ideas, but as with all things I need funding, knowledge, and support both materially and morally. I think I can pull it off within the area I live, and make things so very pleasant along this side of Lake Granbury.

My plan in my head is to purchase all the multi-acre farm lots around and build them up like classic farm houses and the like, and make them a good little farming home for families to move into that area as off-grid as possible. Frankly I’d probably rent out the houses so I could maintain some maintenance schedule for my tenants. I would HOPE my thoughts and such would be sufficient for low-income folk to move in as well.

I need advice and money, anyone who is willing at least to chip in some thoughts. I would of maintain as much of the surrounding nature as possible, while trying to make it just as green as possible, both philosophically and literally.

All houses would have to have solar power or something similar. All of them would also have to have a good gray-water arrangement that feed into ponds for beautification and the like. Texas doesn’t restrict rainwater harvesting at all, and in state law actually prohibits municipalities from preventing such things. I would like that at least. Composting toilets for some nice non-water using plumbing as well.

I want to try and build something more then just a few houses and farms. I like to think the facilities exist where I am to create a very nice community and such over time. I don’t know how or what not but it be a good idea in my view. We need more community in my mind.

So anyone willing to help build something nice and such with me is more then welcome to do what they can, even if it’s just advice for a good business plan or what not. I’ll take anything. Join the conversation. Maybe you can try something in your local area.

Trying to Fund a Home!

I’ve been wanting to move back out of my folks place for a while. I’m working part time and looking at other jobs, but at the end of the day I want to be able to pay for a place and build a nice off-gird home there. With Earth Day just having passsed I kept thinking on the subject.

I figure, at least looking at property around here, that it could cost upwards of 200k if not double that to get an off-grind home built and greened up. That’s the cost of the land, designing and building the house and plumbing systems, solar installation, and whatever is needed for cable internet to be plugged in. Costly.

I WANT to earn the money for it over time as well, hence the posts here, the ads, the donation button on the side. And the posting of links from Amazon in my personal accounts. I need to see if there are any ideas on what to do to create a store on Fanbards for these things.

I frankly would also like to document and post about the process, going through local regs in order to pull this off. It would be a bit difficult all things said and done, but I like to think it’s worth it.

What say you folk? Is it worth trying to build a home in a sort of rural area off grid, or do you think I should just move back into the city and say to hell with the whole green housing thing.

James Bond: By Any Means Necessary.

Haven’t been posting as I should or wanted to. Been busy and tired from congestion kicking my ass. But I’m going to think some for now.

I heard of some folk wanting to cast Idris Elba as the next James Bond. Everyone is going to have their own opinion on this. I personally think Elba would be better cast as someone who Trained Bond that has now got to be hunted down and stopped. Not because he’s turned against the country, but because he feels the Country isn’t willing to do what needs to be done.

I see him as leading a group of like minded former Agents, MI-6, Mi-5, CIA, NSA, Mossad things like that. He leads them towards causing an event that will bring down all those who would target the UK, USA, and other allies. Bond has to try and defeat this man who trained him, taught him, mentored him. Bond’s female co-star would be a decorated FBI agent.

After the obligatory action packed ending however it wouldn’t end with this group stopped, or some moral saying there is a  line you can’t cross in defense of Queen and Country. It would be far more ambiguous then that. Bond and M looking at intel world wide showing the results of this groups actions, and the thought that these guys may have succeeded in what they were attempting. And knowing that they are still out there, acting to defend Queen and Country, the Flag, whatever, By Any Means Necessary.

I think this would be a compelling film to be honest.

Should I Opine?

I’m pondering things to write, ideas to explore and started in my head working on a Political Op-Ed. I suppose I, like so many others have my own thoughts on things. My own opinion on that which happens in my world. Things is, I’m just a guy. I’m not in the heart of a major city. I’ve not spent a life time as an activist, nor as a constitutional lawyer. All I am is a simple man trying to make his way in the world.

I just happen o want to do it using words. But does that mean that those words can be beneficial in an ever changing and more aggressive political landscape? Can what I have to say enhance the conversation, or will I just be bringing down unneeded Hell upon my little space here? I’m not sure.

So I’ll write up a small Socio-political article and post it, and see what folk think. As always I hope this will enhance the conversation.

Ideas for things to work on

This is more of a brainstorming post then anything. Me just putting ideas out into the ether to see what develops. It’s part of my new attempt to write something everyday. Even short blog posts.

One of the things I”m thinking of doing are short articles on the Drupal development process I’m going through. I could work on that and post them, or schedule their postings over time. It’s a thought at least. I’ll need to think on it. Need images and the like.

I’m also needing to work on actual stories, original and fanfics, just no idea how to bring myself to dedicate that kind of time to something I really make no money on. Still, I should dedicate time to things that I find fun and enjoyable. Just not sure if I can at times. It would be nice if I could make a living wage doing this. Or at least be interesting to read.

I have thought of this before and have been on the down side. It happens. I can just keep trying.