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After Holiday Thoughts

So Christmas is done for another year.

I’m not sorry it’s through.

It’s that time of year where we all think back to how we loved our lives this year, and try to tell ourselves we’ll do better next year. The New Years Resolutions we inevitably allow to fall by the wayside.

We get too tired, too beaten, too fed up with the world we retreat to the comfort and security of the familiar things. Or just try and survive the next day.

But regardless of what might become of these statements we always reflect and try at least to focus on improving ourselves and our lives. So we try, and we hope. We reflect on the year before, and celebrate the year to come.

At the end it’s all we can do. So look back at who you were, and think about how to become who you want to be.

Thought Process

So I’m out today, pulling in carts from the parking lot and helping people with their purchases. Sometimes when I have that as my duties for the day my mind wanders. I see strange things that might turn into interesting thoughts and woven into captivating tales.

Or maybe enlightening descriptions of how I’ve done certain things on Fanbards.net or in my regular life. I’m not sure, right now I’ve got grit and salt in my shoes and it’s annoying. I have to suck it up though.

I’ll be working on a bunch of articles to schedule and maybe do some wayback diving to recover some old posts from other things and recategorize them here. It’s going to be interesting to look into the past and go from there. It might even bring up some ideas.

I’ve thought about posting some stories that never got finished actually. Ideas I’ve since lost the muse on if only so I can present a thought to others. Though I’m not sure at the moment.

I’ll also probably start thinking worlds and quotes as I go.

I’m also going to put up a site donation block for the paypal account and ask that if you find me interesting to toss me a couple of bucks or so. It would be appreciated and help somewhat.

Alms for the…

So I’m sitting here working DS and pondering continued support on the site server and the like. It’s been rather difficult to get what I need as it relates to resources, and even then it’s difficult to keep it going due to cost. So I’ve started adding ads to my sites in order to drum up some revenue and I’m trying to figure out a good way for folks to contribute to the site through donations via paypal.

If I make over $10k USD on Paypal using a donation button and I don’t register as a non-profit they will hold the cash until I justify myself. But I have other ideas and such. I may still be able to pull it off but I need to figure out the button I’d have to use for it. But it’s still a thought process right now.

If the ad revenue starts coming in, and if it’s sufficient for my needs the donations might not be needed. But that’s if they make enough money. I figure I need about $1200USD to $2000USD yearly to get the sites running. That’s not really that much if the costs get differed and such. If the costs get differed it actually becomes quite cheap to handle.

I’m going to keep working on the idea and such and conciser options. I’ll probably start development over on getpantheon.com for the new Dhampir Dreams as well eventually.