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Healing and ideas

So, I’ve finished surgery. It’s been a bit over two weeks since my gall bladder was removed, and while I’m still sore I’m getting better. Right now I’m back at work and I’m doing alright as it stands. So Time to start working on ideas and coming up with ways to make new things.

First thing is I am going to start taking notes in my OneNote app on my Lumia 950. I need to just jot down quick ideas and story thoughts when I can and I’d advise anyone else who wants to do more writing to do the same.

Second, I need to finish my feature set in Drupal for Bookshelf Open. It’s getting close and while I want to get a better setup for the User side and create something for admin as well, I need to plan out the next variants. I’m also going to need to bite the bullet and FINALLY try and really learn php code.

Another thing I want to pursue is creating Universal Windows Apps. These apps would be windows 10 based programs allowing someone to be on Dhampirdreams.com or Fanbards.net and not have to be in a browser, maybe offline download some story content and such. Anything I can think of and develop up. It be interesting. Even if all I create is just an app for me or others to build their stories on and upload to the site.

I WANT to do all of this. If I actually do or pull it off is another thing.

Saturday Project Ideas!

So I have started trying to get myself out of the rut I allowed myself to fall into. It’s time I took some time to plan these projects I’ve been thinking off.

First thing, to all who do read my posts and stories thank you. If you like that than please share my posts with your friends. Leave comments in my comment section as well. There is nothing better than knowing what I write actually interests people. If you like that then think of throwing a few dollars to me via Paypal or Patreon.

Projects are what we call things that take up a lot more than just a simple instruction page. They are things that involve resources, information, hard work, and a bit of dedication.

I want to bring a tiny community to the Granbury, TX area. I think it is a great place to do so. Far enough outside DFW that you can enjoy the natural beauty of the Texas geography, but close enough to go and enjoy Ft. Worth’s sites.

First though I want to build my own. I recently ordered Tumbleweed Homes construction DVD. It’s in the mail and will provide a lot of good information. I also ordered a book on tiny house design.

This however brings me to a problem. Just buying a trailer for the build is $7,000USD before you take into account delivery. That gets you to close to $10KUSD I don’t own a truck that could transport it either.

One of the places I want for my tiny town is on the Brazos and costs $270,000USD.

So I guess part of the solution now is figuring out the financial part.

Of you like the idea of a Texas big tiny house town than I will appreciate any support for the idea. Material, moral, or financial.

I would also hope if you like the idea you would support it by setting up shop here. I definitely would be willing to help anyone who wants to build a tiny house RV or cottage in this projected community. You can also help develop businesses for income here.

I don’t know if this will work out, but one should be willing to try.

I will post GoFundMe links here shortly for the projects. Maybe we can do something big with little homes!

Funding Ideas and Projects

So I’m trying to get a better job at work. It’s still part-time but it be high up the food chain. I think it would at least.

Problem is that it will take away from my projects I want to work on, but find myself exhausted at the end of the day when it comes down to it. I’ve been trying to get folk to contribute out of the goodness of their heart, or at least let themselves be hit with some ad banners. Neither seems to have really worked. Putting up all the pages I do is a lot of work and I can’t dedicate myself to them at the expense of living, that’s just how it is. Also, I WANT to do more than just what I’m doing on the pages, but can’t due to obligations to the Gods of food and shelter. I have an idea as it relates to new content and I’m going to try and ask some folk for help short term on that.

One thing that Strike Fiss has recommended has been getting me a Patreon.com account. It would basically be an account where you, my readers, pay me a small stipend per month so I can dedicate more time to my projects and my writing. Or working the Archive on Fanbards, or creating worlds to play in on Darkscribes. Or… paying for your damned lemon factory on Lemontastica. I have some thoughts on the subject, and I’m not sure it will all work out, but I have this idea as it relates to funding all these projects.

Patreon will be where I try and get monthly funding for the general work. Things like server money, food, housing, stuff I need in order to dedicate myself to the work I want to be doing more than the work I actually am doing. I know, you probably think I’m being selfish, but hey, man’s got to eat.

I have several project ideas though that I will probably start running Kickstarter and GoFundMe campaigns for in order to fund them. I have a few ideas for things I want to do for all who read, and some projects I want to do around the local Granbury, TX area.

Why Granbury, TX. And not somewhere else? Because this is where I live.

I’m open to thoughts on this both here and on all the other linked to sites I have up. If I’m making a mistake, or if it’s just not worth it. Let me know.