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Update on Life

So, it’s been a bit since I wrote a blog post for here. Let’s just say it’s been busy and I haven’t been able to really do much save for some gaming (Halo 5), some occasional archive work, and maybe running ideas through my head but never onto a file. I know I need to work on that.

Right now I’m looking at Drupal 8 and trying to get a Drupal 8 install up to parity with my Drupal 7 Bookshelf profile layout. I’m not sure if that will matter long term, but it’s what I’m doing right now. I’m also still looking for help on the archiving and such.

Want to write a ton of stories and try and finish up several chapters and go from there on my fics. It be fucking kick ass if I just had a ton to drop all at once and such. We’ll see how that works. I’m still typing out things right now.

AS it relates to the Drupal 8 build, I have an issue I’m certain will come up, Story Navigation.

The way I have things setup right now requires the use of a third party module that is NOT available in Drupal 8. The easy way to handle navigation however does NOT make User Content Creation easy at all. I’m going to have to investigate potential solutions.

I’m not sure what the best option will be long term but we’ll see what we can see.

I’m going to try and play and review games on my shelf, and books, and everything in between, anything to add more content onto the pages.

Back to WordPress

I’ve decided that Dhampir Dreams could be best served by being a wordpress based site. It’s light weight and has plenty of plugins for me to use, while not having the needs Darkscribes and other sites do for the community features of Drupal. I’m hoping also to get back to using this stack mostly so I can at minimum enjoy some kind of changes over time. Dhampir Dreams is really my place to be a bit… different then when I’m working on DS. I don’t need to make everything usable for everyone, I can live with what I have here.

So I’ll keep working on DS and this will be my easier site to mess with mostly.