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A Beginning

In the beginning, there was darkness.

What comes next is a point of contention.

Some believe that a being of great power came and started creating everything. That our universe emerged from the mind of a Being beyond our comprehension and made all we know. That our universe is less scientific construct and more artistic expression.

This Maker proceeded to create planets, stars, galaxies, life in infinite combinations. And while many worlds may exist similar to our own, we can only see the small planet we reside on.

In one book we believe that this Maker created us in his image. And in this way we are as The Maker was. We see and create. Dream and Nightmare.

For is not the power to imagine and create not the province of a Maker of world?

LD’s Snippets of how I would handle other peoples Fanfics

Honestly there are times I read a story and can’t help but see a way I would do it better. I’ve actually gone through once and tried to completely rewrite a story and make it my own in a way. Honestly it was more like me trying to fill out how this one guy did things… and he was rather upset by how well I did with his original idea.

Who know people could get upset about doing better then them with their idea.

This is a snippet of how I would have handled Slayer’s Neon Genesis Goddess: The Second Wish. Here’s hoping he doesn’t get pissed. And I might honestly add to this later just for my own thoughts.
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