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Today’s ride.

So, today I went and did what I need to do in order to do pick ups at DFW Airport. They require registration if you want to pick up passengers for Uber or Lyft. Understandable really. Keep everything recorded and safe for everyone.

Liability and coverage on everyone’s sides.

I really think that this will help my daily take, and I have been doing well without so far. Covering expenses and bills is NOT bad work. This should help with an increase in income. I hope at least.

While riding today I am also thinking up ways to go and start streaming myself and other things. Need some hardware though.

Ideas and work.

Things go up things go down.

So, I did pretty much my personal goal for yesterday. Had to kick off early cause I promised mom I wouldn’t be out with the drunks for the Forth. She’s extremely “Cautious” (Read paranoid) about safety around here. Especially with the fire danger we’re in right now. 4th of July Fireworks worry her, and she’s concerned we might end up with a danger to the house.

But I went out and did what I usually do. I’ll need to do more tomorrow to catch up. Another thing about being self-employed, you have to make sure you earn enough to keep going day after day.

Frankly I don’t mind that part. I like the control I have over things in this, and I’m applying more strategy to things. Also, I’m in my head trying to invest more into my personal business while trying to get past my personal debts. I’m HOPING this will work out at the end of the day in a profitable (Read, able to pay rent at a nice apartment or buy a house) way.

Of course the question becomes, what other activities can I take part in that would be profitable. I can do more than just drive around, I’m not restricted to one income source. As long as I do my taxes right I’ll be doing pretty good. I’m hoping my blogging will become more interesting to you folks over time, to include my original works. I’ve also got to spend time spiffing up Fanbards.net and it’s associated groups for the update to Drupal 8.

I’ve got an idea, but I really need to work more on this… and I have SOME time.

On the Road and Self Employed.

So, recently I lost my job and started looking for new work. Frankly it hasn’t gone to well. So I started driving for Uber and Lyft. Frankly around here I may stick exclusively with Uber.

Thing is I like being my own boss. And right now I am breaking even. That’s not bad when you define that by getting the bills paid. Eventually I will work on strategies to improve my efficiency.

I also am moving forward on this being my job as well. I have ads on the page for now, and I am working on getting tools to help me write more. Writing on a phone is not something I can do easily. Short shots like this sure, but I want to create more and therefore need a mobile office.

Patreon links will become more important as well in order to create a way to have some kind of monthly subscription for people. Depending on the member tier.

I don’t produce physical items though so that could be tricky.

Lot to work on. But for now…

Time to Roll Out!