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Driving and Imagining

So, I’m still doing the Uber/Lyft thing. And while I drive I get ideas that I need to write down. I’ve gotten myself a Surface for that, but I’m still working on story ideas and shorts. Hopefully I’ll be able to start scheduling posts of just plain story updates here at some point. 

One thing I’m also doing is working on posting vlogs to YouTube. I want to create as much as I can, but am running up against a problem. I’m getting home and just crashing out. I think I need to work out some, get the blood flowing and restarting my metabolism some. That might help me a bit. One story idea is set in dark times that require dark beginnings. Another is going to be interesting I HOPE but don’t know.

I’m going to go out and try and work while I drive, stopping at spots in between rides to write. It should make things interesting.

I’m working on plotting out additions to YouTube and posting those links here as well. I’ve got ideas for at least three theme specific channels. Including some technical behind the scenes stuff for Bookshelf.

If you have any opinions go ahead and drop them in the comments.