Acer Aspire One Running Gentoo Linux with KDE 4.4.3

I picked up an Acer netbook a couple weeks back. Out of the box it came with windows 7 installed. I personally don’t want anything to do with windows, but I still made sure to set up a clone of the hard drive as it came from factory just in case using clonezilla so I could return it to factory spec if I have to. As a piece of hardware I find it to be a solid system to work with. though I know some don’t see the utility of an ultra-portable that doesn’t have an optical drive. I personally don’t see anything like this as anything other then a work system that you take. After all, if you don’t constantly need an optical drive, then why should you carry the bulk for it?

I installed Gentoo linux onto this system, and after a day of compiling the base system I got into a command line and proceeded to get the system operational with the KDE 4.4.3 Desktop Enviroment. I need to go back at some point and try to actually slim down what’s actually on here software wise. I do like the 4.4 netbook setting in the desktop appearence settings for KDE.