Nokia n800, review and opinion

I have been a big proponent of FOSS software and projects based on them. The Nokia n800 is marketed as an internet tablet by Nokia. It actualy functions well as a PDA. I’ve had no issues with the standard pim functionality. If anything I would say pim is something only the truely awful screw up.

Now, the n800 has some sweet features, to include a builtin webcam, fm tuner, wifi, bluetooth and an onscreen keyboard. The big thing however is the already substantial catalogue of available apps. One need only check the Maemo project page to see.

There are several good addons being developed to include a screen graber, skype, and a program called WordPy. I’m using WordPy to write this entry. Now this is the one thing that could be better. Idon’t like the onscreen kb for stuff like this. It does okay, but it’s difficult to get stuff out right.

All in all I like it.