Amarok 2 beta 2

Started using Amarok 2 recently. go to say, that while there are some major improvments it does need some major work before the final release comes out. A lot of the things I was disliking in beta 1 have been fixed. Amarok 2 does pull in your old playlists now and the Album Art manager doesn’t seem to be constantly downloading the best guess from the web. These are important to me as I have image files in every album folder with said art.

The thing that I noticed right now is the lack of ability to transfer playlists to media devices. I couldn’t take advantage of this either way until the transcoding plugin is fixed or added due to all my music being in flac. iPod doesn’t use flac so it has to be transcoded down into mp3.

Aside from crashes wich are expected from Beta software it seems like it’s on the right path to improve and already wonderful media program. Grated, it’s not as clean or crisp as the 1.4.x series but that’s been developed for a long time and 2 is a complete rebuild into the KDE4 realm.