Sharing of Knowledge

I’m a member of the Reddit group r/hfy and lately we’ve been a bit concerned for how things have been going. So one of the group mods is creating a separate website. I’ve used Drupal a lot so I’m consulting with him on it, going to see what I can do to help the process. Of course that leads me to ponder the general truth of how we share what we know. Our experiences and our skills we haven’t been trained in, that we just pick up as we go along.

It’s interesting to note that he was starting things in a similar way as I was, but I already have hit several pitfalls that I can hopefully prevent him from falling into. Future proofing the layout and site structure for the upcoming Drupal 8, keeping the number of modules down while delivering the best experience possible, things of that nature.

Now, I’ve had a few things setup here over time that I’ve tried sharing out before. Its lead me to certain opinions of things. First you should always try and pick the right tool for the right jobs. A big community and content display system defiantly qualifies for a Drupal Build. I use WordPress for this page as it’s just me and no one else, but I wouldn’t trust it for Fanbards. And if anyone ever asks me I’ll tell them that exactly.

We all learn things over time. We gain skills, abilities, and even tricks that help us out for procedures we try and create. We also, can and always have, share these tricks with others when needed. Its how things have been passed down for Centuries, from Master to Apprentice. We document them as SOP’s, Rules of Thumb, Tips and Tricks, all of those things. You find it all over forums and help pages. It’s almost as if it’s a need for us all. If you have a problem, you ask for help. When you figure out a problem you share your solution for those who might benefit. It doesn’t always work that way, and there may in fact be folks who don’t share their knowledge, but it’s very few people these days.

I’ve started using word processors to create all my articles instead of just writing in the cms I’m in. I get the benefits of Spell check and all of the other things that come with using a full on word proc. I didn’t before, but I do now. I got some help from the guys in the Drupal group on LinkedIn on how I should lay out a how-to article with all of my information. That was interesting to say the least.

The point is, we try and help where we can, and share our knowledge to help those around us. I think it’s basically something we just do. We only horde knowledge when it’s to protect ourselves, our groups, and to have some advantage over adversaries intending us harm. Within our communities we are free and clear to give everything we know away.