Six of One…

ruSo I have been rebuilding all of my sites since I got hit by an exploit in Drupal. I’m still rebuilding the DS sites in whole at the moment due to this,. Unfortunately had to finally accept that my preferred method of keeping stories together was just going to fail forever so I have stopped using the core Book module. I’m having to use Entity References in order to pull off what I was doing with ease using Book Module, but will hopefully get other things I couldn’t do done much easier.

Hopefully, I’m still trying to reach feature parity with Book module and the old DS user content management features.

This also requires work towards fixing certain issues with the site over time I hope.  An associate has agreed to help on Editing and fixing connections, and I could use some help from anyone willing to take on the mark of Editor.


This allows me some time to work on the structures as well as the content as I go along. I just don’t know what to do.