Sunshine, TX Revised

I’ve been thinking on my idea, and with the Drought Buster of a rain period we had this month I had to get to thinking. Why not just build the tiny house community and expand throughout Granbury, TX. There is more than enough of a support and infrastructure base already here, and plenty of areas in places to build up some interesting and fun things for folk, places to live, business to bring in, and such. I already have a spot picked out that could be used for an RV Park/Tiny house Community. Not just mobile tiny house but regular small houses in and around Lake Granbury. There is also an empty field area that might make for interesting possibilities for the community.

I’m looking up information, but what I really need are people willing to move here and help out the idea. It helps that Granbury has a lot of Texas History behind it and a lot of people eager for folk to bring in more life into the community. Our Square here is a nice historic place for people to enjoy.

I have a spot picked out for the first tiny house community and hope more folk are interested and willing to provide support, both monetarily and in real support as ideas and such.