A Look at a World Not Yet Conceived

The lains of purple grass flowed like waves as the winds blew across the valley. Two of our worlds moons were visible as the White Sun made it’s decent and sank the world into night. My Grisha always told us stories of the moons, the protectors of those who walk at night.

Night was never truly darkness however,  the light from the moons, the purple star clouds visible on a cloudless night would illuminate everything. As I walked next to Miralla towards our village, I took a moment to enjoy the contrast of her blue flesh, how it contrasted against everything around us.

We walked along, waving towards the farmers and hearders who were moving to end their day of labor once more. And as we walked I wondered, if there was a world where others lived as we do.

Did they look up, blanketed by these gods of the night as we did and protected in perpetual light? Or were they lost in dark worlds. I can not say.

But I wold love to see it one of these days.