About Me

Name: Christopher Smith
Age: 34 Location: Granbury, Texas United States
Interests: Tech, writing, reading

I’m working on a thousand different projects varying from fanfictions, original stories, Linux how-to’s, and some community information as well. I run Darkscribes.org as a community for authors mostly focused on Fanfiction but not ignoring any other types of fiction. I keep the Fanfictions on DS, while most of my other work will be both here and on DS to take advantage of the tools already present there.

I enjoy toying around with computers, been working on systems since I was six and my dad had me programming basic on an old TRS-80. I build my own desktops, buy laptops from distributors I know. My big thing the last several years has been getting my home systems off Windows and other Microsoft products. My best option is Linux, and I’ve messed around with different distros for the past ten years. Right now my distro of choice is Gentoo Linux, which is one step above doing things completely from scratch. If I ever get some freetime and a spare system I may actually try Linux From Scratch. It be nice to eventualy role my own distro.